Why You Need this Ziploc Bag Organizer

  • No more searching for the right size ziploc bag
  • You’ll know when you need to buy more ziploc bags
  • Cleans up your drawer and optimize the space in your drawer
  • Standalone organizer can be removed from the drawer
  • Wood design helps compartmentalize a drawer, acting as a divider in larger drawers
  • Can be used for reused ziploc bags with easy to load top

Ana White’s DIY Ziploc Bag Organizer Features

  • Just one 1×3 and some scrap 1/4″ plywood to build (if you have plywood scraps, could be about $3 to build!)
  • Top load – no moving parts to break.  Simply stuff bags in from the top.
  • Sized for standard ziploc bag packs: 50 Gallons, 50 Quarts, 125 Sandwich, 120 Snack
  • Customizeable to fit your kitchen style and drawer size
  • Makes a great gift that will be appreciated but not expensive!

How to Build this Ziploc Bag Organizer Video

Here is a VERY quick video of the basic build for this project.  

The free plans follow.  Thank you for using our plans.