Does your family use the dining room table for board games, arts and crafts, homework, and more?  What do you do with all the stuff when dinner time comes around?

We were spending a good twenty minutes clearing our dining table off every evening before dinner, and moving all the board games to a cabinet in the living room.  I’m a firm believer that efficient processes make for clean and clutter free homes, and hauling board games into another room Every. Single. Meal. is not efficient.  Not at all.

We were also spending a good amount of time hauling napkins and salt and pepper from the spice cabient to the table and back.  Why are we doing this.

So I built a new cabinet for my dining room.  

Just for the board games.  Just for the salt and pepper.

But since I wanted this new piece to be beautiful in my space, I added a little detail to the door.

I love that the detail makes what is a very simple and modest cabinet into something interesting and scrulptural.  I love that the door looks like a giant “Play” button, because this cabinet is all about play.  

But most of all – I love that this cabinet was such a truly simple build.  So simple.  

You can watch me build it in the following video –

And then build it yourself with the free plans following.

Enjoy! Ana


PS – Don’t need a side cabinet in your dining room?  You could also use this cabinet as a counter height desk-

Small bath vanity (may need to make deeper to accommodate the sink and plumbing –

Or go double width and use it as console, media or entertainment center, sideboard or bookshelf.

Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see any of the modifications made into plans.