My teenage daughter Grace has been asking for more storage in her bathroom for a couple years now.  If you wait long enough, the get old enough, and smart enough, to design it themselves …. yes, she did.  She went on Shelf Help, designed what she wanted, the pieces showed up in my shop, and then I built it:

It took me a day, working a few hours in the morning and most of the afternoon, to finish this project. It is quite big, and there’s alot of drawers – which aren’t hard, but do take time.

Where to Use This Sideboard

We used this project for storage in a bathroom, but it could be used in many different rooms in the home:

  • Sideboard in a dining room, store wine glasses, decorative serving ware, or baskets with dining linens
  • Entryway Console dropzone, empty shelves could hold shoes or baskets with accessories
  • Media Console in the living room to support a TV system
  • Dresser in a bedroom or closet, the open shelves could be used for folded clothing or shoes

Free Plans for this Sideboard

The plans for this sideboard follow.  Of course, this is easy to adjust in size, should you need a custom piece.  Please share photos if you build!