A Blank Slate Dollhouse for Creative Play

This doll house is a blank slate to encourage creative play.  Instead of following out the set things a store-bought playset does, let their imaginations bloom.

  • Rooms can be furnished and rearranged as a real house
  • Play with any doll, action figure or animal – my toddler is playing with ponies with it
  • Can be painted or stained any color
  • Beautiful and simple enough to leave in the living room

Save $200 by Building it Yourself

This dollhouse is inspired by this dollhouse costing $229.  You can build your own all for around $30 in materials.

And building it is the fun part!  This was a joy to build, building therapy I call it!

What About the Doll House Furniture?

The dollhouse furniture is all DIY made out of scrap wood pieces.  I will be posting the plans in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned and save your scrap wood!

Video of Building this Modern Doll House

Please take a second to watch the build of this project – it goes together pretty easy.  


The free plans for this dollhouse are below.  Thank you for using my plans!