If you are short on space but big on entertaining, try a bar or counter-height table to seat more in less space.  

We have a small deck and need to seat at least five for dinner every night.  But I didn’t want a table so large it consumed our entire deck.  So I decided on a bar or counter height table for our outdoor dining space.

But I wanted something heavy and substantial, that wouldn’t blow away (or over) in the wind.  And something that didn’t cost a zillion bucks. 

For about $60 in off the shelf lumber, I DIYed this –

It is sturdy.  It is heavy.  It will hold up to kids.

And it’s pretty!  

Annnnnd … it was pretty easy to build!

I used off the shelf 2x lumber.  It’s douglas fir, so will hold up to elements better than pine or whitewood, but if you live in an especially humid climate, opt for cedar or whatever people use in your area for outdoor fencing, pergolas, and picnic tables.  

I used a Kreg Jig for all the base joinery.  It is a miracle tool, and you will need it for this project to attach to the 4×4 legs.  It will pay for itself in this one project, and your entire neighborhood will suddenly be your best friends, once they hear you have a Kreg Jig.  Good thing you are making a two-family sized patio table.

The Kreg Jig allows me to attach the 2×4 aprons to the 4×4 legs, hiding the screws on the inside.  

From there, we attached the cross bracking.  It’s just 45 degree angles, cut on our compound miter saw.  

For the top, we started with the center board, attached it perfectly, and then worked outward.  Here we used 3″ self tapping deck screws.

After a light sanding, we are ready for paint!


Our go-to paint is BEHR (r) Marquee – it’s true one coat coverage and goes on smooth and easy.  It is a little more expensive, but I find you use less and don’t have to buy primer.  Pay now or pay later right?

The color is Limousine Leather by BEHR(r) Marquee.  So dramatic!

The free plans follow – do share if you build, I love seeing your projects too!

XO Ana


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