We love the trendy geometric accent walls that are everything right now!

modern wood accent walls  

But what if you can’t (or don’t want to) make permanent changes to your room?  You can still get this look by building your own headboard – for a fraction of the cost and work.

modern headboard

It’s just one sheet of plywood, with 1x2s nailed to it.  That’s it!

You can design the 1×2 strips any way you wish, paint it any color you like!

You can also pair it with our hairpin bed frame to complete the look.


Pairing with a Queen Bed

No alterations are needed to pair with the queen platform bed.  Here’s what the proportions would look like –

modern headboard plans


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modern geo bed frame

Modern Geo Headboard Plans

The free plans for this headboard follow.  Please submit a brag post when you are done so we can see how your project turned out!