Garden Tool Storage Features

  • Sturdy 2×4 construction can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Can be painted or stained to match exterior siding
  • As shown, fits up to 20 tools of varying sizes easily! (16 shown on the rack)
  • About $10 to build
  • Easy to customize for YOUR tools and YOUR space
  • Hang by handle, or upside down, so works with almost any tool
  • Super easy build out of just two 2x4s – make it in about 10 minutes!

garden tool storage front view

From the front, the garden tool rack looks all neat and organized, with the handles all lined up perfectly –

garden tool rack 2x4

But it holds a TON of tools – up to five tools slot!

garden tool rack

We love that it is sturdy and EASY to put tools away.  Now swinging tools or wobby hooks, or having to slide handles into little holes upside down.  This project is designed to be user friendly, so it actually gets used!

Video Tutorial

In this video I show you how I built mine by laying it out first, and then assembling.  Please take a quick second to watch!

Ready to Build?  Here’s the Plans!

We’ve prepared plans below for exactly as shown in the photos – but of course, please, modify to suit your needs and space.

garden tool storage