This post is sponsored by American Express Personal Loans.

Are you looking to tackle a big project or renovation?  Considering a new kitchen, addition, or maybe even a tiny house? 

DIY will save you a ton of money, and I always encourage people to do as much as they can themselves.  Whether it’s tackling your own kitchen cabinet build or taking care of the demo, the more you can do yourself, the more you can stretch your budget.

We just finished up a renovation which included building a kitchen from scratch.  We saved thousands by DIYing the cabinets and taking on all of the work ourselves.  But the kitchen still cost about $15,000 – good appliances and quartz countertops are expensive.  We couldn’t trim the final costs down any further through DIY.

However, there is another way to finance your project, and it doesn’t require any tools or hard work. If you’re an existing eligible consumer American Express Card Member, American Express Personal Loans may be a good place to start.

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Life doesn’t wait.  So let American Express Personal Loans help turn your dream reno into a reality.

1 American Express Card Members must be pre-approved for a loan offer in order to apply. Pre-approved APRs and loan amounts are based on the Card Member’s creditworthiness and other factors. Pre-approved APRs will be between 6.90% and 18.97%, as of 3/2/2018. Not all Card Members will be pre-approved or receive the lowest APR or the highest loan amount.