Videos of Building this Chair

See it happen – Watch this chair being built in my build video:

BONUS: Watch the sister video with more detailed how-to information:

FAQ for this Outdoor Chair Plan

Where did you get your cushions?  Lowes, here’s the link.

Can I use other size cushions?  Yes, if the cushion is close to 20″ x 20″ for the seat, and 24″ tall for the back, it is very easy to adjust the plans.  If you have a “deep seat” cushion (about 24″ x 24″ x 4-5″ thick) use the deep seat chair frame plans here.

Do I need a back cushion?  No, you can add additional back boards and not use a back cushion, or use a throw pillow for the back.

Is this suitable for use as a dining chair?  Possibly – but the chairs are heavier than a dining chair should be, so not super easy to move back and forth. Id’ more use these around a firepit or with a accent table in between.

What type of wood should I use?  Any 2×4 will work, cedar is the best option but will be expensive.  Framing lumber works, just make sure you apply a good outdoor finish and keep up with the finishing.

What type of finish should I use?  Any finish that is suitable for fences, decks or outdoor trim or doors is good.  I do NOT recommend a “film former” as this may crack and peel as wood expands and contracts, instead use an opaque stain.  Avoid also polys that are film formers, instead use an exterior transparent or semi-transparent stain.  Water based is fine.

Can I use these chairs inside?  YES!!!  We’d love to see these chairs used inside, bring on the fluffy pillows!

Free Plans to Build this Chair

Ready to build yourself?  The free plans for this chair follow.  Please share a photo if you build, we love seeing how your projects turn out!