Why a Low Loft Bed?

Low loft beds are gaining in popularity because they create more floor space for storage underneath, but are still easy to get in and out of an change sheets and make the bed. 

I also love the low loft bed for toddlers, since the enclosed mattress has a crib-like feel, keeps pillows and blankets on the bed, and is the perfect height for tucking in littles. 

Why Build a Low Loft Bed?

You can save money.  There are many options for buying a low loft bed, but by building your own you can save hundreds (even thousands!) of dollars.  This low loft bed cost about $50 in lumber to make.

You’ll get a more durable end product. Our homebuilt option is VERY sturdy, suitable for even young adults. 

You get to customize it. We love that by building it yourself you get to choose your finish and can easily customize the storage options underneath.

And it’s pretty easy to build.  Most store bought options you’d have to assemble anyway.  In this well thought out and tested plan, we make it as easy as possible to build your own low loft bed.

Build Video for Low Loft Bed

Don’t just take my word for it – watch me build this low loft bed!  It took me about two hours to cut and build this bed.  Painting is definitely the hardest part, but if you prefinish your boards, you’ll save a ton of time.

Video coming soon

Add on Plans and Customizations

The big benefit of a low loft bed is the added storage space underneath.  We will be adding plans for storage underneath, as well as a bunk bed option.

You can make this bed into a regular height loft bed, but the bottom of the legs will need some supports at the bottom of the legs.