Making your own drawer dividers doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.  Here’s how I create perfect fit wood drawer organizers for about $5-$10 a drawer!

1. The Hardware

diy drawer divider channel

Aluminum C-Channel is available at all the hardware stores in different lengths.  It’s inexpensive, about 10 cents per inch – so per divider, you are looking at right at 50 cents in c-channel (I round up to 60 when counting screws).  It’s also easy to cut with a jigsaw and a metal blade, since aluminum is such a soft metal.  I am using this 1/2″ C-Channel.

diy drawer divider hardware

Per divider, cut two pieces of C-Channel slightly less than the overall height of your drawer dividers, using a jigsaw with a metal blade.  Make sure the C-Channel is well clamped and wear safety glasses and hearing protection.  

diy drawer divider drilling holes

Then drill two holes in each cut piece with a multipurpose or metal drill bit.  The holes should be just slightly smaller than your screw heads.

diy drawer divider attaching hardware

Attach the C-Channel pieces to the inside of your drawer using 1/2″ wood screws (similar to ones you might use for attaching hinges on a cabinet). I used screws like these.

diy drawer divider hardware attached

You’ll need two per divider, on each side.

The Wood Dividers

For the dividers, I used (and recommend) 1/2″ thick hobby boards.  I choose a 2-1/2″ width for this drawer, but you can use other widths.  Just make sure you don’t create a super tight cavity that is hard to reach into.

diy drawer divider material

Simply measure in between your c-channel pieces, subtract a little to allow for the screws, and cut the wood piece to fit.

diy drawer divider cutting the wood

The wood piece will slide into the c-channels and stay secure.

diy drawer divider inserting

You can also add dividers to dividers (as shown below) in the same method.

diy drawer divider adding more dividers

This gives you infinite possibilities to customize your drawers with dividers.

diy drawer divider finished

DIY Drawer Divider Video Tutorial

Want to see this project done in a video?  We also created a video tutorial:

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