Why Store Produce on the Countertop?

If you have some extra countertop space in your kitchen, storing produce in plain sight has benefits-

  • Easy to keep track of stock and know when to buy more produce
  • Easy to put away produce
  • Keeps healthy produce handy – my kids ate three times as many apples a day since the apples were in plain sight
  • Countertop convenience makes it easy to add more vegetables into foods – no more digging for garlic in the pantry
  • Saves space in the fridge and pantry
  • Easy to clean and remove spoiled produce
  • Adds a gorgeous decor element to the kitchen

Why Build This Potato Bin?

  • Only about $20 in lumber
  • Smartly sized to hold 10 pounds of produce per section
  • Footed design is easy to move and clean under
  • Solid wood is more food safe – good for storing raw produce
  • Can be finished to suit your kitchen 
  • Stackable for even more storage
  • Easy to customize length to fit your space
  • Beautiful farmhouse look – for that farm to table element
  • Our free step by step plans make it easy!

potato bin size

stackable potato bin

Quick Video Tutorial of Building this Project

Want to see this project come together?  Here’s a quick video that shows me building it in about 1 minute:

Ready to build yourself?  The free plans follow.