Charcuterie boards are a fun and easy way to serve food to guests.  We love charcuterie boards for everything from a casual lunch to a fancy dinner party.

I’ve been wanting to build a charcuterie board for a while, but just buying a wide width board (like a 1×12) and cutting a handle and finishing it seemed too simple and can be expensive.  Why not use up my scrap wood pile and make a charcuterie board for free?

wood charcuterie board

And why not use different thickness of wood to create recesses in the board?

charcuterie board

charcuterie board handmade

charcuterie board

Easy to Build and Customize

I was able to build this charcuterie board in about an hour.  It is so easy to build!  We love that you can customize it for your own requirements.  You can make it long and thin (like I did) for a table runner, or wider and shorter for a coffee table or to haul outdoors for smores.  It is VERY easy to customize and you can be creative with your wood piecing to get exactly what you want.

Watch our video tutorial – 

And build it yourself with the free plans below –