Super Simple Bed Frame [Queen, Full and Twin Sizes]

YESTERDAY My sister called me and said she wanted to build my niece a new bed in the next 24 hours.  She wanted something beautiful, sturdy, but also inexpensive and simple to build.  So we got our heads together and designed a 2×4 framed bed (the plans are below).

TODAY She sends me these photos!

white bed frame

LESS THAN 24 HOURS ago I sent her the plans.

full bed frame

My sister said this bed cost about $50 for her to build! 

Here’s how she built it:

building a bed

Cut all the boards.  She used a miter saw, but you can also use a circular saw.

building a bed

Predrill holes for attaching the boards together.

building a bed

Attach the boards with screws and glue.

building a bed

Here’s the headboard frame completed.

building a bed

Add plywood to the back with screws, nails, or staples.  YES you can use 1-1/4″ Kreg Jig screws here.

building a bed

Fill any holes or imperfections with this stuff.  Sand with medium grit sandpaper.  Finish with fine grit sandpaper.

building a bed

Here’s the headboard and footboard done.

painting a bed

Then paint or stain.  She choose a paint and primer to save time.  But this bed would take stain just as well!

building a bed

Move the pre-painted pieces into the room and assemble.

building a bed

We love how this bed frame turned out so much that we are sharing queen, full and twin plans for you!

Thank you for using the plans on this site.  If you do build, please share, we love seeing your projects!  Youc an tag me on Instagram @anawhitediy or create a brag post on this website.

Horizontal Closet Organizer

What is worse than piles of dirty laundry?

I’d have to say piles of clean laundry with no closet to put it all away.  Then it gets mixed up with the dirty laundry, and you end up with twice as big piles of laundry that you have to treat as dirty laundry.  You know what I’m talking about here.

We’ve recently moved into the new house, and first up, I insisted that we have one working closet in the house.  

We’ve done lots of closets in the past, but this time, I got a little crazy and ditched the vertical organizer.

Yep, we went all horizontal on this closet. 

And this is why –

No more bending down low to reach a bottom shelf.  Or reaching up high to hang clothes.  And it’s easy to fold and put away jeans at the perfect height.

We did lose about 2-1/2 feet of closet rod storage, trading it for 8 feet of shelving space at an easy to reach height.  I think that is worth it.

I’m so glad we went with the horizontal closet.  We love how functional and easy to reach everything is, and love the extra shelving storage for folded clothes and baskets for socks and underwear.  

Ready to build your own?  Here’s a few options for you:

PS – If a vertical closet is the right size for you, we’ve got the perfect one sheet of plywood plan right here (you can also use three 15-1/2″ x 97″ long melamine shelving boards)

Frameless Kitchen Base Cabinet Template from Shelf Help

Looking for ONE kitchen cabinet plan that is easy to adapt to any size?  You found it!  This universal template if for Frameless Kitchen base cabinets, and can be easily modified for different widths and door/drawer/shelf customization.

kitchen cabinet plans easy to adjust

I used this template to build an entire kitchen!  You can watch me build it in this video:

This template is available on our sister site  You can use the free configurator to design your cabinet as well.

Please share if you build your own kitchen cabinets, we love seeing your projects!


Click here for free kitchen cabinet template

Window Seat with Drawers

Do you need a window seat or mudroom bench with drawers that is built well, but isn’t super hard to make?

window seat bench

For about $300 total, I built this TEN FOOT LONG window seat by myself!  

Here’s the video tutorial:

Ready to build your own? 

Click here for the template for designing your own in your own custom size!

window seat plans