Square Picnic Table

Everything you love about the classic picnic table, but in a cozier, updated design!  Here’s why we love this square picnic table

Square Picnic Table Features

  • Seating on four sides, for a cozier experience
  • Easy to build design 
  • Comfortably seats four adults, could seat as many as 8
  • Smaller footprint may be more suitable for some spaces
  • Fun, modern design 

Sitting around a table, instead of in a line at a table, is usually more desireable.  But most round style picnic tables – whether it’s an octagon or a hexagon or a four sided picnic table – become complicated and hard to build.  In this plan, we tried our hardest to create a project that is quick and easy to build, but still gives you a quality project that you will love for many years.

2×4 Outdoor Side Table

Reader submitted photo modified in height, see more photos here

Out 2×4 Outdoor Collection is a reader favorite!  Since so many of you have built the sofa or sectional pieces, we thought we’d add a side table plan to the collection too.

diy outdoor table

All of the plans in the 2×4 Outdoor Sofa collection are available here.

This collection is so popular because:

  • It’s easy to build with just straight cuts, a drill and a saw
  • It’s all 2x4s, so holds up well and is heavy enough to not blow away in the wind
  • Easy to modify to fit spaces and custom needs
  • Can paint or stain just about any color

We love this little side table, because it’s just four 2x4s to build it! It’s sturdy enough to hold a plant or even an occasional guest!

2×4 Outdoor Side Table Build Video

Want to see this project built in video?  Make sure you take a second to watch us build this 2×4 outdoor table.

And then download the free plans below and get it built!

Thank you for using our plans, we love seeing your projects, so please share when you are done!

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2x4 Outdoor Side Table

11 Foot Barn Door Entertainment Center

This beautiful barn door entertainment center does it all while looking good too!  It is a HUGE project – up there with a kitchen build – but with the simplified step by step plans, not hard to do.  It took us two days to build and finish and cost us about $1000.  

barn door entertainment center

Barn Door Entertainment Center Features

  • Fits TV up to 65″ WIDE with adjustable heights
  • TONS of storage hidden and exposed, perfect for hiding and displaying
  • Top can be used for storage or display too
  • Sliding barn doors keep everything easily accessible
  • No door swings, so can fit in a tighter space
  • Durable 3/4″ plywood construction with face frames is how the pros do it – you’ll be getting a craftsman quality piece!
  • Can be easily modified and finished in any color or stain

Watch Us Build It

If you are interested in building this piece, please watch our video, as it will help explain many of the steps.

Raised Planter Box with Bottom Shelf

As a member of both Ana’s community and The Handyman Club of America, I get a lot of inspiration for my projects. I happened to find inspiration in the latest issue of Handy Magazine and the raised planter box that they feature. They do list the plans for the planter, however, it requires the use of special tools like a router table, chisels and large pipe clamps. Those may not seems like “special” tools to some of you, but I don’t have them so I’m labeling them special. 🙂 They used pocket hole joinery in their plans, but only in a small part. Why not use them everywhere and make life a bit simpler? I decided to take on the project myself and “re-write” the plans for our community.  Reader submitted photo.

The inspiration piece is built out of cedar, if you use a different species of wood and plan to use this outside as intended, make sure you take steps to weather proof your piece of furniture! 🙂

Wall Mount Closet Tower with Shelf Help

Do you want to upgrade your closet storage systems to something that is durable and custom to your needs?  In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how we tackled a small reach-in closet, adding shelving and multiple hanging storage options.  

closet tower

Towers are such a great way to break up closet spaces.  The days of one long hanging rod are over – it is so much more functional to break up hanging space to sort items, and to increase folding space.

organizing a kids closet

Here’s what we love about this closet:

  • Off the floor, so easy to clean under and space could be used for totes, baskets or shoes
  • No need to remove baseboards under closet or cut around
  • Attached to top plate in wall, so easy to hang without drywall anchors or finding studs
  • Storage all the way to the ceiling
  • Smaller hanging areas to help sort out different hanging items (for example, short sleeves on one, long sleeves on the other)
  • Plenty of easy to reach folding space
  • Can be designed to fit specific baskets
  • Divided out upper space for lesser used items
  • High quality construction will last forever (not particle board!)
  • Can be changed up, reconfigured, added on since it’s real wood
  • Can be repainted or finished since it’s a home finish and not a plastic sticker finish
  • Easy to customize for the space

Watch Me Build This with Basic Tools!

We did a fun video on this closet build that you can watch here.

And also created a plan to help further explain the steps.  The plans follow (scroll down).  Thank you for watching and using our plans, please share photos of your completed projects, we do love seeing your work!