Simplified 8' Barn Door Console Plans

photo by Estate of Bliss LLC

Want to make your living room instantly gorgeous (and tidier)?

A barn door door console can change everything!

ana white barn door console

Instead of paying over $1000, have you thought about building it yourself?

  • No particle board
  • You choose the finish
  • Rustic look from using solid wood
  • Save hundreds of dollars – we estimate building it yourself will cost about $350

Let Me Do The Hard Part

Don’t have a truck or a table saw to cut the plywood? 

I can help!

Let me ship the plywood pieces to your front door, precisely cut on a factory panel saw, with the front edges finished.  Since you only pay for exactly what you need (no scraps) and you don’t have to buy edge banding, the price is only a little more for all this convenience and accuracy. And you don’t have to go out and buy and store a big, expensive, dangerous table saw.

Click here to purchased the customized kit for this Barn Door Console Plan.

Want to do everything yourself?  No problem – we have the plywood cuts listed in the cut list too.

Wood Pumpkin Treat Holder

We love these fun, festive pumpkins at the front door!  They make festive planters or treat holders for trick or treaters.

trick or treat holders

This is a very easy DIY project, perfect for a beginner.  These pumpkins are fun to customize, and they are almost impossible to mess up!

You can use pallet wood or fence pickets.  With fence pickets, my project cost $8!  

I went with a Farmhouse theme, because I’d like to use this wood pumpkin as decor through Thanksgiving.

farmhouse pumpkin decor wood treat holder

We are so excited to present trick-or-treaters with this beautiful help yourself display.

It’s so easy to make.  I made mine with a jigsaw and a hot glue gun (NO Drill or screws or nailer required).

See free plans below:

trick or treat candy holder wood pumpkin

Pumpkin Treat Holder

We love these fun, festive pumpkins at the front door!  They make festive planters or treat holders for trick or treaters.

trick or treat holders

This is a very easy DIY project that you can make using just a few tools.

Here’s the steps:

Writing Desk [Modern Farmhouse Collection]

Our Modern Farmhouse Collection of plans has been quite popular, making living spaces more functional and beautiful everywhere, all with just a few tools. 

modern farmhouse side tables

All the rustic charm, but in a fresh, new form.  We love it!

We love it so much, we are adding a NEW plan to this collection.  The Modern Farmhouse Desk.

modern farmhouse desk

I partnered up with Ryobi to get you this brand new plan!

Click HERE to download the free plans from Ryobi Nation now.

Super Simple Bed Frame [Queen, Full and Twin Sizes]

YESTERDAY My sister called me and said she wanted to build my niece a new bed in the next 24 hours.  She wanted something beautiful, sturdy, but also inexpensive and simple to build.  So we got our heads together and designed a 2×4 framed bed (the plans are below).

TODAY She sends me these photos!

white bed frame

LESS THAN 24 HOURS ago I sent her the plans.

full bed frame

My sister said this bed cost about $50 for her to build! 

Here’s how she built it:

building a bed

Cut all the boards.  She used a miter saw, but you can also use a circular saw.

building a bed

Predrill holes for attaching the boards together.

building a bed

Attach the boards with screws and glue.

building a bed

Here’s the headboard frame completed.

building a bed

Add plywood to the back with screws, nails, or staples.  YES you can use 1-1/4″ Kreg Jig screws here.

building a bed

Fill any holes or imperfections with this stuff.  Sand with medium grit sandpaper.  Finish with fine grit sandpaper.

building a bed

Here’s the headboard and footboard done.

painting a bed

Then paint or stain.  She choose a paint and primer to save time.  But this bed would take stain just as well!

building a bed

Move the pre-painted pieces into the room and assemble.

building a bed

We love how this bed frame turned out so much that we are sharing queen, full and twin plans for you!

Thank you for using the plans on this site.  If you do build, please share, we love seeing your projects!  Youc an tag me on Instagram @anawhitediy or create a brag post on this website.