Rustic Modern Platform Bed Frame with Headboard (All Bed Sizes)

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diy rustic modern platform bed frame

We took a modern silhouette and built it using 2x lumber… and this is how it turned out!

I love the combination of rustic materials in a modern shape.  

Rustic Modern 2x6 Platform Bed

Free Plans to Build Your Own Rustic Modern Platform Bed

This bed turned out so well, we had to share the plans in all mattress sizes for free!  You’ll love this beginner friendly design that creates amazing results!

Hidden Door Knee Wall

Sloped ceilings add so much charm and character to a home.  But they can make a room awkward and challenging to use. 

Before – Slope Ceiling Makes Room Awkward to Use

We recently took our attic room sloped ceilings that looked like this –

After – Looks Like a Board and Batten Wall

And built knee walls out of 2x4s and plywood

After – Opens for Full Access

But since I wanted the space behind the knee wall to be accessible for storage, we created hidden doors in the knee wall.

The entire knee wall is actually hidden doors – so the area behind is completely accessible.

You could take this project a step further and add closet rods and shelving to create a built in closet.  We’ll be using the knee wall storage for totes and off season things.

Update: Several Years Later…

It’s been a few years since we tackled this project.  Here’s what it looks like today:

bed with drawers diy plans

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The all-doors system gives us options for furniture placement – you can place furniture anywhere and there’s always a door still available somewhere.

It still looks awesome and none of the doors or hinges have sagged at all.

We use the space for storing Christmas decorations, heirloom gifts that we can’t part with but don’t necessarily use daily, and of course, the kids use the space for hide and seek.  You’d never know this is actually a wall of doors.

How We Built this Sloped Ceiling Storage Wall

This was a fairly easy project – but time consuming since the walls are each sixteen feet long – that my husband and I tackled over the course of a few days, working a few hours each day on it. We are confident that the average homeowner could tackle this project.  Here’s how we built our knee walls with hidden storage –

First, alot of planning and measuring.


We decided on making the wall 48″ tall, because this is where the ceiling height becomes useuable for furniture, and it also helps maximize materials use.

We also decided on making the doors 32″ wide, so you can get exactly three 48″ tall x 32″ wide doors out of a sheet of plywood.  

The easier way to do this is to just build a pony wall 48″ tall x the length of your room, and install it plumb and level.

Then trim out the top and bottom to give space for the full overlay doors.

We finished this gap at the top off with a piece of trim.

For the doors, we purchased euro style overlay hinges for FRAMELESS cabinets – for a total of 5/8″ overlay on each side.

DOOR WIDTH: Inside opening + 1-1/4″

DOOR HEIGHT: Overall opening – 1/2″

We cut our doors on a table saw and installed the hinges and hung the doors in the framing.

concealed hinge illustrated guide

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To disguise the door spacing and provide a handle, we nailed 1×3 boads to the opening edge of the plywood door.

This is what it looks like before paint –

And after paint – We used about a gallon on 32 feet of walls, four feet tall.

We love how this project turned out and know it will greatly improve the function and look of the room.

Video Tutorial of Building this Knee Wall with Doors

We also shared in video format this entire build

If you build, please share a photo – tag me on Instagram #anawhite, share to our Facebook page, or add a brag post.  We greatly appreciate the support and thank you for using our free tutorials.


Modern Cedar Fence Picket Birdhouse Kit

Want to share your love of DIY with your kiddos?  Building a birdhouse is a great starter project.

Here’s how you can build a modern cedar birdhouse for just $1 using half of a cedar fence picket.

DIY Birdhouse Kit Instructions Free Printable

Here’s a free printable for building this birdhouse with instructions.

Photo Steps of Building this Modern Birdhouse

This plan is designed for a 5 1/2″ wide x 1/2″ thick fence picket, about $2 each.  

Other materials like a 1×6 could be used, but because the wood is thicker, it may alter your outcome slightly.  Adjust accordingly if you use different materials.

Use a miter saw or circular saw to cut the cedar fence picket as noted in the cut list below.  Notice I trimmed the rough end off and there’s also enough leftover for a second birdhouse.

Then I just nailed the front to the sides.  If you are having kiddos do the assembly, consider predrilling holes and having them attach with pound in nails or screws.  Also recommended is wood glue designed for oily wood and exterior applications.

Next, it’s time to add the top and bottom – the back side is still open.  Notice the back is a little bigger – this is just to add that “mod” feel to it and give you a place to hang on a tree.

Now we’ll put the back on ….

Just line up the bottom and outside edges with the floor and roof …

Drill a hole to hang the house on a tree

And then add a front door with a larger bit

The back can be used to hang on a tree.

Since this is cedar, no finish is needed.  The birds will appreciate that!


DIY Garage Shelves [Freestanding]

Freestanding Garage Shelving Features

  • BEGINNER FRIENDLY: Very easy to build using just 2×4 boards
  • YOUR SIZE: Easy to customize in size to fit your space
  • NO HOLES IN THE WALL: Freestanding, so will work with concrete, brick, metal walls or for rental units
  • THIN SHELVES: Because the shelves are only 1-1/2″ thick, this creates more space vertically
  • YOUR NEEDS: Customize shelving placement as needed or to add workbench or garage media center
  • FITS TOTES: Designed to fit totes and boxes
  • MOVEABLE AND REUSEABLE: Easy to take apart and reuse the 2x4s

Customization Ideas for Freestanding Garage Shelving

Utility Workaround: Built around water heater and with roll out shoe bench.  

Click for more photos and details

Around the Door: Shorter end to fit around garage door:

Click for more photos and details

Face Lift: This user added a barn door to the front

Click for more photos and details

Work Around: A built in workbench in the center, could also be used for a TV

Click for more photos and details

Concrete Basement Wall: Not required to be attached to the wall

Click for more photos and details

Finished: The shelving is solid wood, so you can paint or stain it easily

Click here for more details and photos

Video Tutorial

Here is a very quick video of building this garage shelving:

Project Notes

  • You can make your shelving as long or short as you want.  
  • The span between leg sets can be altered.  Mine are about 5′ apart, and it’s plenty strong.  According to the Sagulator you can put about 200 pounds on a six foot long shelf, made of 2×4 boards – but do test.  For heavy objects, like bulk food or water, make the span less.
  • You can go taller with the shelving, but do consider forward tipping – you will want to attach to the wall.
  • You can add more shelves, at any height.  And the shelves can be partial or full length
  • I recommend you secure to the wall to prevent forward tipping or racking

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DIY Garage Shelves Freestanding

Essential Platform Bed Frame

Getting mattresses off the floor is essential to bedroom form and function.  A bed frame creates the room structure, makes it easy to make the bed, and differentiates the mattress from the floor. 
For about the cost of a box spring or metal bed frame, you can build a wood bed frame that removes the need for a bed skirt.  A wood bed frame is much more beautiful, adds texture to the room design, and is sturdy and substantial.
In this free plan, I’ll show you how to build a wood bed frame using dimensional lumber (ie 2x4s) and two power tools: a drill and a saw to cut the wood.  

Matching Headboard

This bed frame is designed to work with a variety of headboards, and we have also designed a headboard that matches this bed frame perfectly.  Free plans for the matching headboard are here.

This bed was designed and built in partnership with my friend Whitney at Shanty2Chic. Please take a second to stop over and visit Whitney at Shanty2Chic for lots more details and photos on this bed.


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Hailey Platform Bed Frame

Essential Platform Bed Frame Plans

The free plans for this wood bed frame follow.  If you build, please add a brag post – this keeps me inspired and helps other users see different options and creative decisions.  Thank you for using Ana White plans.