Entryway Accessory Wall Cubby Organizer

The key to a clean and organized entryway is ample storage that is accessible and available.

That means lots of hooks, lots of shelves, good boot storage.

But what about those small items?  What about mittens, gloves, hats, scarves?  

I recommend in every entryway, a small cubby organizer that keeps all the little things neatly stored and accessible.

small entryway organizer

So there’s a empty shelf available for your gloves.  

Actually TWELVE empty shelves available.

I’ve built this type of organizer before (with hooks here) and it is a must have in the entryway.  I can’t recommend cubbies like this enough.

But in this plan, I want to do something a little different – I want to make it easy to customize in size, so you can fit it in very specific spaces.  Here’s how you can design and build your very own cubby organizer, just right for your space.

Frameless Mudroom Bench with Shelf Help

If the mudroom is the first thing you see when you walk in the door, why not make it beautiful and functional?

For a remote cabin, we had a awkward wall behind the front door with some bent hooks and leftover cabinets.

before mudroom

With about a $200 investment, using the existing cabinets, this is what it looks like now:

diy mudroom for cabin

diy mudroom

The bench was the game changer.  It was the structure that was needed to make this wall into a mudroom.

Why We Love this Open Bottom Bench

  • Easy to build design
  • Customizeable in size and color for a perfect fit – even 14 feet long as shown!
  • Accessible bottom is easy to clean
  • Largest possible opening for taller boots, or baskets and bins
  • Pairs well with other cabinets, organizers, under windows or other architectural features

How this Bench is Built

This bench is super easy to build!  I was able to build it myself, in a 14 foot length.  Here’s the video tutorial:


Free Plans for Frameless Open Bottom Mudroom Bench

Essential Wood Outdoor Chair Frame for Deep Seat Cushion

Are you looking for beautiful, comfortable deck chairs, that are easy to build?  

After countless hours of designing and brainstorming, several prototypes and adjustments, I’m so excited to share with you what I consider the ultimate DIY outdoor lounge chair!

diy outdoor lounge chairs

Why I Love These Outdoor Chairs!

  • Easy to build with basic tools
  • Sturdy and substantial, all 2×4 construction
  • Inexpensive to make – about $50 with cushions on sale (compared with $300-$400)
  • Fits most deep seat cushions, easy to adjust for different cushion sizes
  • Beautiful wood grain can be stained or painted any color
  • Super comfortable!

Must Watch Quick Video of Building These Outdoor Chairs!

Want to see this chair from all angles?  See the quick build process?  We hope this video tutorial helps you:

FAQ About These Outdoor Chairs

  • Where did you get your cushions?  Off the shelf at Lowes. 
  • What kind of lumber should I use?  Cedar is preferred but it is more expensive.  You can also use regular old 2×4 boards – just finish them appropriately so they are weather resistant.
  • What kind of finish do you recommend? I recommend any finish that is suitable for painting decks or fences.  Do NOT use a film former – the paint will crack and peel as the wood expands and contracts.
  • Is there enough of a back to keep the cushions in place?  For my cushions, yes.  But if you were concerned, it’s easy to add additional boards, one vertical 2×4 @ 24″ centered in the back would do the trick.  Just attach at the base, center and top.
  • Can I use indoors?  Yes, yes, yes!  This would be a great inexpensive indoor chair too! 
  • How can I make this chair even more heavy duty?  A 2×4 @ 32-1/8″ under the arm rest and between the legs, screwed from the legs and top, flush to the inside, would be a huge beef up.  Also screw to the angled back.

Wood Outdoor Chair for Deep Seat Cushion

Thank you for trusting me with your outdoor plans.  These plans are free to use.  Please, though, send a picture back, it is very gratifying to see your results!

Essential Wood Outdoor Chair Frame for Standard Chair Cushion

Videos of Building this Chair

See it happen – Watch this chair being built in my build video:

BONUS: Watch the sister video with more detailed how-to information:

FAQ for this Outdoor Chair Plan

Where did you get your cushions?  Lowes, here’s the link.

Can I use other size cushions?  Yes, if the cushion is close to 20″ x 20″ for the seat, and 24″ tall for the back, it is very easy to adjust the plans.  If you have a “deep seat” cushion (about 24″ x 24″ x 4-5″ thick) use the deep seat chair frame plans here.

Do I need a back cushion?  No, you can add additional back boards and not use a back cushion, or use a throw pillow for the back.

Is this suitable for use as a dining chair?  Possibly – but the chairs are heavier than a dining chair should be, so not super easy to move back and forth. Id’ more use these around a firepit or with a accent table in between.

What type of wood should I use?  Any 2×4 will work, cedar is the best option but will be expensive.  Framing lumber works, just make sure you apply a good outdoor finish and keep up with the finishing.

What type of finish should I use?  Any finish that is suitable for fences, decks or outdoor trim or doors is good.  I do NOT recommend a “film former” as this may crack and peel as wood expands and contracts, instead use an opaque stain.  Avoid also polys that are film formers, instead use an exterior transparent or semi-transparent stain.  Water based is fine.

Can I use these chairs inside?  YES!!!  We’d love to see these chairs used inside, bring on the fluffy pillows!

Free Plans to Build this Chair

Ready to build yourself?  The free plans for this chair follow.  Please share a photo if you build, we love seeing how your projects turn out!