2×4 Pantry Shelving

Are you looking for inexpensive, no frills shelving, that does the job, without a ton of work?

In our pantry, I wanted a shelving solution that worked – NOT a second kitchen to have to keep clean and tidy.  

Our pantry isn’t huge, so I also wanted custom shelving that went wall to wall – no awkward gaps or not the right depth shelves to deal with.  I only have one pantry, I want the shelving to be just right for it.

So I came up with this – a 2×4 framed pantry (for strength) topped with inexpensive 1×6 boards.

diy pantry shelving

It’s not the most beautiful thing I’ve ever made or seen.  

But after almost FIVE years of using it, it’s still going strong, still doing it’s job, and still keeping my kitchen super clean and beautiful. This is the no frills storage solution we needed.

DIY 2×4 Pantry Shelving Features

  • Easy to build using 2x4s, 1x6s and construction screws
  • Easy to customize in size for just about any space
  • Open floor design, easy to clean underneath
  • Strong and sturdy – can hold all the cans
  • Thin shelves don’t take up vertical space
  • Inexpensive to build
  • Can be used in garages, closets, playrooms, mudrooms, laundry rooms – anywhere you need simple sturdy shelving!

Pantry Shelving Plans

This is a super easy build.  You’ll want to customize for your space, so I’m not giving a specific cut list or shopping list.

Shelf Covers over Wire Shelving Brackets and Tracks

When I was pregnant with my son (now 8) I wanted to create a beautiful shelving system for his things (and some decor too) – but without a ton of work or time commitment.

I used cheap and easy to install wire shelving components topped with beautiful wood boards to create this:

shelf cover tutorial

This was the perfect solution – fast, easy, cheap, but great results!

shelf cover for wire shelves

Once the shelves were loaded up, you can barely see the hardware on the wall.

shelf cover

While I used mine for a nursery closet, you could use this shelf cover idea just about anywhere to make cheap wire shelving beautiful – pantries, linen closets, toy storage units in playrooms, garage shelving – your options are endless.

And with the full wood shelving on the top, you don’t have to worry about stuff falling between the wires, or getting stuck on the wire shelving.  It’s the best of both wire shelving and beautiful wood shelving: easy to install but more functional and beautiful.

Shelf Cover Tutorial

Here’s the step by step for creating your own wire shelf covers.

Easy to Build Modern Keyboard Stand

Keyboard Stand Features

  • SUPER easy to build!
  • Inexpensive
  • Solid wood can be stained or painted any color
  • Can be customized in height and length
  • Simple modern design blends with almost any decor style
  • Compact and perfect for small spaces
  • Can be used as a console table or desk

Keyboard Stand Build Video

This keyboard stand was built by our Ana-White.com video editor for her family, Jen.  Jen was kind enough to put a quick video together showing the steps to build it.  Jen considers herself a beginner woodworking.  Take a second to watch!

Countertop Potato Bin

Why Store Produce on the Countertop?

If you have some extra countertop space in your kitchen, storing produce in plain sight has benefits-

  • Easy to keep track of stock and know when to buy more produce
  • Easy to put away produce
  • Keeps healthy produce handy – my kids ate three times as many apples a day since the apples were in plain sight
  • Countertop convenience makes it easy to add more vegetables into foods – no more digging for garlic in the pantry
  • Saves space in the fridge and pantry
  • Easy to clean and remove spoiled produce
  • Adds a gorgeous decor element to the kitchen

Why Build This Potato Bin?

  • Only about $20 in lumber
  • Smartly sized to hold 10 pounds of produce per section
  • Footed design is easy to move and clean under
  • Solid wood is more food safe – good for storing raw produce
  • Can be finished to suit your kitchen 
  • Stackable for even more storage
  • Easy to customize length to fit your space
  • Beautiful farmhouse look – for that farm to table element
  • Our free step by step plans make it easy!

potato bin size

stackable potato bin

Quick Video Tutorial of Building this Project

Want to see this project come together?  Here’s a quick video that shows me building it in about 1 minute:

Ready to build yourself?  The free plans follow.

Ziploc Bag Organizer

Why You Need this Ziploc Bag Organizer

  • No more searching for the right size ziploc bag
  • You’ll know when you need to buy more ziploc bags
  • Cleans up your drawer and optimize the space in your drawer
  • Standalone organizer can be removed from the drawer
  • Wood design helps compartmentalize a drawer, acting as a divider in larger drawers
  • Can be used for reused ziploc bags with easy to load top

Ana White’s DIY Ziploc Bag Organizer Features

  • Just one 1×3 and some scrap 1/4″ plywood to build (if you have plywood scraps, could be about $3 to build!)
  • Top load – no moving parts to break.  Simply stuff bags in from the top.
  • Sized for standard ziploc bag packs: 50 Gallons, 50 Quarts, 125 Sandwich, 120 Snack
  • Customizeable to fit your kitchen style and drawer size
  • Makes a great gift that will be appreciated but not expensive!

How to Build this Ziploc Bag Organizer Video

Here is a VERY quick video of the basic build for this project.  

The free plans follow.  Thank you for using our plans.