Treehouse Dollhouse

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Handbuilt Holiday 2021

It’s the season of giving!  I partnered up with Jaime Costiglio to bring you a brand new free gift plan, every Friday in the 12 weeks leading up to Christmas!  Over the years, we’ve gifted hundreds of plans, many that you can make with scrap wood.  Check out the entire Handbuilt Holiday Collection here.

Treehouse Dollhouse

We couldn’t resist adding a Treehouse Dollhouse to this year’s collection of gift plans!  

Treehouse dollhouse

A little modern and a little whimsical!  You can build and customize this treehouse dollhouse.  All of the furniture is DIY and Jaime has the plans on her site.


Play Farmer's Market Stand

With kids spread out over 11 years, it seems like I’ve had a little at home now for 15 years!  One thing I’ve learned is kids love toys that they can be creative and use their own imagination – they do fall for the plastic light up do this/do that toys in enticing packaging, but it’s the simple, basic toys that they can use almost as “tools” that they play with over time.

That’s why we do Handbuilt Holiday!  Jaime and I both have three kids, and we’ve built them all projects for over a decade!  This year we are working hard to make plans not just great for kids – but easier than every to build!

handbuilt holiday ana white

Pretend Play Farmer’s Market Stand Features

This farmer’s market stand would make the perfect gift!

  • It’s easy to build with basic tools and off the shelf lumber
  • It’s easy to customize, so you can add signage, fill it up with fun produce, or paint or stain it any color of your choice
  • It’s sturdy and will hold up
  • It’s inspired by real Farmer’s Market Stands
  • It won’t cost a fortune – about $25 in lumber!

More Photos and Build Photos

Before we get to the free plans following, make sure you take a moment to see it built with lots more photos and build photos and tips with Jaime Costiglio’s build post.


Chunky Leg Coffee Table – Rectangle

I refreshed my living room by building a new coffee table and end table (plans coming soon) with a chunky, modern edge. 

modern coffee table

These tables turned out so awesome, and were actually fun and easy to build!  I KNOW they are going to be a big hit, so wanted to come through for you with plans for these tables in different sizes.

In this post, I’m sharing the Rectangle Coffee Table.  But if follows the same steps as the square coffee table, so please, take a second to watch that build video:

Thank you for using my plans. We are grateful we can share and that you trust us with your builds! Free plans follow!

Chunky Leg Coffee Table – Square

I am loving chunky leg furniture these days!  The overall simplified design is given an edgy, modern look with the bulky legs.  If you want clean lines that aren’t boring, this is a great collection build to update your living rooms look and functionality!

chunky leg coffee table

I loved how this turned out so much, I had to make a side table too (plans coming soon)!

Video Tutorial of Building this Coffee Table

Want to see how easy it is to build this coffee table?  My build video goes through all the steps, please take a second to watch.

More Plans in This Collection

This coffee table is easy to modify for different table sizes.  Simply build your “shelves” to the desired size and then cut your legs to the overall height you’d like.  To mak this even easier on you, I will be adding plans for the common table sizes as well

  • Chunky Leg Side Table Plans (coming soon)
  • Chunky Leg Console Table Plans (coming soon)
  • Chunky Leg Rectangle Coffee Table Plans (coming soon)

Letters to Santa Bin

Save money and add a personal touch to Christmas this year by building your own holiday decor and gifts.  I’ve partnered with Jaime Costigilio to bring you dozens of Handbuilt Holiday plans, and we are back for 2021 with a brand new season!

Handbuilt holiday 2021

See the entire Handbuilt Holiday plan collection here.

Today, we are thrilled to begin the 2021 season of giving with a brand new free plan!

Letters to Santa mailbox

We love how this turned out! You can personalize and paint any color of your choice! Want to build your own?

Head on over to Jaime Costigilio Blog to see this project built with lots of photos and tips.


Letters To Santa Mailbox Plans