Simplest Farm Table

This simple farmhouse table is designed to give you all the beautify of real wood, and sturdiness of home built – but without requiring many tools or advanced techniques.

Simplest Farmhouse Table Features

  • Easy to build design features no pocket holes and simple construction techniques
  • Super sturdy
  • Lightweight design, so portable enough to move around with two people easily
  • Smooth top 
  • Optimized for materials (so you’ll hardly have any waste)
  • Paint or stain any color
  • Seats 6 comfortably
  • Can be used as a desk or even a kitchen island (just make the legs 6″ longer)

Perfect for Weddings and Events

The inspiration behind this table was a request from a friend to create five farmhouse tables for a wedding that were sturdy, could hold up to transporting, lightweight enough to move around easily, and as inexpensive as possible.  My husband and I were able to build all five in an afternoon, and my friend stained them up for her wedding

Photo coming soon of tables at wedding

We couldn’t have done with with a more complicated plan, and were very pleased with how durable yet beautiful these tables are.

Using this Table Outdoors

This table can be built for outdoor use too!  We recommend swapping the 1×12 boards on top for 1×6 boards (can be 5/4 cedar deck boards for more longevity), you’ll need six 1×6 boards (same 72″ length) instead of the 1x12s, and leave a 1/4″ gap in between the boards when you attach.  Also recommend attaching with screws (exterior appropriate, about 2″ length), as nails will pull out overtime in an outdoor setting.  Also can use treated for the base, for even greater longevity.

Watch the Build Video

Watch the build video to see live how this table comes together.

Plans for the Simplest Farmhouse Table

The plans for this table follow.  Thank you for using our free plans.  If you build, please post a “brag post” of your table, we love seeing your finished projects and it helps other readers visualize their projects.

Grid Mirror from Mirror Tiles

User submitted photo by  JTLARSON12 

Almost a decade ago, I built this grid mirror.  

Over the years, I have become more and more fond of it.  I later on went and updated the look by painting it black.

This was such a great project and cost about 1/10 of a similar retail version. 

Here is a video tutorial of me building this mirror:

The free plans follow.  Thank you for using our plans!

Counter Height Fancy X Farmhouse Table

Want to build a custom counter height table for your dining space?  In this free tutorial, we show you how to go from hardware store lumber to this beautiful table!

Thank you Jen for the awesome project video and doing such an amazing job on this counter height table!

Ready to build it yourself?  The free plans are below.

PS – Here are the stools used.

Easiest Corn Hole Plans with Free Printable PDF

Video of Building Corn Hole Boards from this Tutorial

In this video, I build this project based off this tutorial.  Please watch for tips and techniques.

Printable Plans for Corn Hole Boards

To make this build as easy as possible, we have created a free, downloadable PDF to build your own corn hole boards.

Click here to download corn hole plans in printable PDF format

You can also print the images below (same as the PDF but in JPG format).  Thank you for using my plans, and trusting us with your builds!

corn hole plans

corn hole plans

corn hole plans