Shaker Door Building Guide with Free Calculator

Doors are super important.  It is the face of the project.

After a decade of trying and testing many different methods and techniques, here’s our process for building professional quality Shaker cabinet doors:

The Shaker Door calculator is a huge deal.  It takes the hesitation out of making cuts – I’m always a little scared to start cutting hardwood since it’s so expensive.  Not anymore.  

Since this type of door is a good fit for our Shelf Help calculator, we have the tutorial and calculator over there.

Click here to download my free Shaker Door cut list generator and step by step tutorial

Freestanding Laundry Basket Closet

We have a special treat for you today!  My friend Jen who also helps with video editing and keeping the website going, built from her own design this amazing freestanding laundry basket tower!  She has very generously offered to share plans! Thank you Jen!

From Jen:

Hi I’m Jen, a friend of Ana’s, we’ve also worked together for the past 10 years, she is very inspiring in my life and build projects!

My 3 children and I are in a temporary living situation and the room we are staying in needs a closet, so I came up with this design based around Ana’s laundry basket dresser and her pallirondack plans. 

I built 2 units, I had to figure the first one out as I went, with the laundry baskets I pre purchased.

laundry baskets

I found these laundry baskets for $2 each at Target.

How Much Did This Cost to Build?

With the cost of lumber, I wanted to use basic materials and not spend a ton of money. I built 2 for about $150. 

Besides purchasing the laundry baskets prior to the build, I had also purchased 4 project panels that were 20″ x 36″ for $16 each, so I knew I needed to incorporate those into the overall plan. You of course could build your own panel with 1 by material and Pocket Holes. 

Do You Have to Use Pocket Holes?

No, you can build either way!

The first unit I built, I used 2 1/2″ screws, countersunk, wood puttied the holes and stained once assembled.

Once I had the first one built I wanted to work smarter not harder, so I decided to pre-sand and stain all of my boards and use pocket hole construction on the second unit and it worked so much better once I had all the measurements figured out.

The beauty is, it can be done either way!

On Wheels?

Finally, once I saw it assembled, I thought, “How cool would this be in the laundry room with that lower shelf at folding height and some casters!” Have fun with this one!

Let’g get into the build!

I’ve included a video with some tips and tricks I learned during the build to help, when you build it!