2×4 Modern Adirondack Chair

Why I Built These Chairs

I’ve been wanting to add some comfortable outdoor seating to our yard in uncovered areas, but it gets to be alot to manage cushions and pillows, trying to keep everything dry, bringing the cushions in when it snows, finding somewhere to store it all … 

I didn’t want to go with plastic chairs, as they blow away in the wind, and I’m forever chasing them down and eventually, picking up pieces of plastic and throwing them away.

So I thought, what if I could build the most comfortable Adirondack chairs ever, that don’t need a cushion, that are too heavy to blow away in the wind?  

2x4 modern adirondack chair

2×4 Modern Adirondack Chair Features

  • 2×4 frame is sturdy and solid
  • Building plans are easy to follow and assemble (about an hour a chair)
  • About $30 in lumber per chair
  • Very comfortable without a cushion or pillow
  • Modern styling still has the “Adirondack” look and feel, but with clean lines
  • Can be painted or stained any color

How I Built My Chairs

In this video I go through all the steps to build my 2×4 Modern Adirondack Chairs

Free Adirondack Chair Plans

The free plans for this chair follow.  Please share a photo when you are done so we can see how your project turned out!

Console Table [Modern Farmhouse Collection]

Add style and function to your space with our Modern Farmhouse Console Table

Modern Farmhouse Console Table

In a just right (but easy to customize size!) there’s lots to love about this one.  For scale, the mirror shown on the console is 24″ x 36″, there are three standard pillows stacked, and the basket is a small milk crate size.

Why We Love It

  • Gorgeous unique look
  • Solid wood construction so you can stain or paint any color of your choice
  • Build using off the shelf lumber
  • Simple construction – no pocket holes or plywood
  • Elevated bottom shelf is easy to reach baskets, bins, blankets, shoes and more
  • Perfect sized top shelf for decor and storage

How I Use It

I use this console table in my living room, in a space next to our wood burning fireplace.  I filled the lower area with wood and use the top for decor and it’s also useful for just setting things here and there.

firewood holder

Build the Entire Collection

It matches our Modern Farmhouse Coffee Table and other plans in the collection.

modern farmhouse coffee table

Video Tutorial

This console table follows the same steps to build as the coffee table in this collection with just different leg lengths.  Here is the video for your convenience.

Free Plans for this Modern Farmhouse Console Table

The free plans for this modern farmhouse console table follow.  Thank you for using our plans!

Farmhouse Potting Bench

Why I Designed This Potting Bench

Last winter, I built a farmhouse style coffee table for our living room.  We have loved it and get so many compliments on it!

farmhouse coffee table

As spring showed up, guess what started happening???

I noticed a TON of people building the farmhouse coffee table as an outdoor coffee table!

I don’t know why I didn’t see that sooner – with it’s slatted design, 2x construction – this is the PERFECT outdoor coffee table!

You guys are so smart.

I’ve been wanting to build a potting bench, and my friend suggested with the beauty and success of the farmhouse coffee table, why not build a matching potting bench?

farmhouse potting bench

I’ve got such smart friends!  This potting bench is absolutely gorgeous!  

And it was a fairly quick and easy build!

farmhouse potting bench

Other Uses for This Potting Bench

We love how it turned out and can see it used indoors and out!  Wouldn’t it be gorgeous as an indoor console table, as an outdoor bar, as a drop zone, or even as a baker’s rack?  SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!

Video Tutorial

We filmed this build so you can see it come together:

And the free plans follow.  

Stack and Store Lap Desks

Our children have been home from school for a month now.  The papers, the books – it’s everywhere.  How to organize and make systems?

My friend has three school aged children in a very small A frame – so adding desks to the slanted walls would have been very difficult (or at the least, very space consuming).  There’s also not enough room to add three more desk chairs to her living room. She’s been brainstorming ideas on how to create desks for the kids despite these challenges.  Finally, we decided to try something creative.

Together we designed lap desks that stack up like a bookcase when not in use.  Each child has their own lap desk, that holds all their supplies.  When in use, simply flip over and it’s a sturdy, perfect sized workspace.  The lap desks are big enough for a child under five feet tall to sit with crossed legs.  

We went simple with our lap desks – but though there could be so many creative ways that these little desks could be modified.  

Stack lap desks

This was a very quick and easy build with barely any scraps left over.  This is certainly a project that most any mom or dad could knock out in no time.

Here’s the video of us building them:

I did change a few things up in the plans from the video, just to make it easier to build and easier to stack. The free plans follow.  Please do share if you build, we love seeing your completed projects!