Harriet Higher Chair

My only coworker has been complaining quite a bit about her office chair, so I thought it was time to show some appreciation for my number one associate and build her a higher chair.  She of course, had to help.

Mom, how and I supposed to work if you keep making me take pictures?
This chair is perfect for preschoolers, who don’t need the security of a high chair, but still could use an extra boost.  For sure a luxury if you had to buy such a chair, but in our DIY world where all things are possible on the smallest of budgets, why buy a plastic booster seat when you can make a mod style solid wood chair for the same cost?  And this chair is really cool because the base supports act as a step up, so children can seat themselves at the table.

Center Media Console (Rebecca Media Suite)

This media suite was built in collaboration with one of our readers, Rebecca:

This is the starting base console piece. Ana and I purposely designed it to be quite narrow for a flat screen. I have a more narrow living room space and didn’t want something protruding very far out. Right now it is actually in my dining room till I get that nice TV, so it struck me how nice this could be as a buffet or console table in a space as well.

The entire unit is massive (8 1/2 feet long and almost 8 feet tall) do if you don’t have room for all of that then just this base piece is a great place to start while still getting tons of storage. Also, cutting this piece at a depth of only 12 inches made it possible to build this entire project for just under $300 including paint and hardware! That is a much better price than the $4000 or so this would cost to get it from Pottery Barn.

I am all about that.

This is a big project. It took me about 7 weeks with two small ones at home, being 6 months pregnant, out of town twice, my toddler that decided he was ready to potty train, and being sick at least once I am sure in that time! So I am beyond grateful for Ana’s patience and for such an awesome community here that knows exactly what all that “LIFE” is like! This is completely doable though thanks to Ana’s plans! 

Thank you so much Rebecca! I hope you stop over and check out lots more photos, tips and more specific tips on Rebecca’s blog as well.  

You can build all the pieces in this media suite.

black media suite custom built in

Farmhouse Table – Updated Pocket Hole Plans

Built by Hillary at The Friendly Home, we upgraded the farmhouse table for pocket hole joinery (no visibile fasteners) and easier construction.

Hillary made this table with pocket holes instead of adding the 2×2 supports as done in the original plan, saving a ton of cuts and holes to be drilled, which saves time and money.

Also, by using pocket holes, we hide most all of the screw holes, so a beautiful stained finish like Hillary’s is very easy to do.

The easy to do pocket hole plan follows if you want to build this table.

And as always, Hillary delivers a beautiful finish, and you can get all the details on how Hillary finished her table here. I love the stain color and will have to try it as well!

PS – Don’t have a pocket hole jig? Here’s the original Farmhouse Table Plans.

PSS – Have trouble finding 4x4s? Check out this beginner friendly 2 Tool/$50 Farmhouse Table plans