Benchmark Pedestal Base Octagon Table

Reader submitted photos by Vlilly and Shanty2Chic.

From Shanty2Chic:

I’m so excited about this table.  We just moved into our new home and because I knew that I would want to build new furniture for this house, we decided to sell our old furniture instead of moving it.  This table is the very first piece of furniture that I have built for our new house and it was very quick and easy!  It may look a little intimidating, with all of the angle cuts, but if you have the right tools it’s a piece of cake! 

I was not only surprised at how quick it was to put together but I was SHOCKED by the price tag – $110 for a table that will seat 6!!  I love how great it fits in my breakfast nook, we really needed a round table for the space and Ana nailed it with the octagon shape! It makes such a statement in our home!  


Hollow Core Door Desk

When we moved into our new home, we needed a desk for two.  I planned to eventually build a built-in desk that matches our kitchen cabinetry, but with a million other projects to tackle, and needing a desk immediately, and not wanting to spend a few hundred dollars on double desk, I decided to use up a hollow core door I had laying around. 

Why Use a Hollow Core Door for a Desktop?

The hollow core door is inexpensive, perfectly smooth, finished on all sides and the perfect size.  I just needed a good support base with some storage.

Using 2×2 furring strips (about $2 each) and some scrap plywood and pocket hole screws, we built a door desk.  We worked in space for a printer and even a basket for keeping paper and office supplies close.


How Did the Desk Hold Up?

Two years later, the desk looks like this:

industrial desk for two

No chips, no dents, no sagging.  Even the paint gets a regular scrubbing and still looks pretty new.

That’s amazing, considering I work full time at this very desk, that my daughter homeschools from this desk, that my husband uses this desk too. And we only spent about $100 on it.

Someday we will get that built in desk, but by the way this one is performing, there’s no hurry.


Large Porch Bench with X Backs

We love this beautiful, oversized porch bench with X detailing.  It accents our front porch at our cabin, and adds a comfortable and sturdy seating space.  You can add cushions – but none are required.

This bench is very large in size with a deep seat.

We have been using this bench for over four years and it is still as strong and sturdy as ever.  Ours is under a covered porch, so we just used framing lumber to build.  But if your bench is exposed to the elements, consider exterior appropriate wood.