Surf Bus or Van Loft Bed

Kevin modified this bed plan for his son, and built it (including paint, hardware, etc) for about $225 with basic tools – circular saw, drill, jigsaw, and a pocket hole jig.  

Here’s from Kevin:

“I wanted a design that could be easily moved without totally destroying it, hence the lag bolt design.  I built the bed in our garage, painted it, then took it apart to move upstairs into the bedroom.  I did this mostly because I was working on it in the evenings after the twins were in bed.

Also, I am a civil engineer and have a professional engineering license that would allow me to design a bridge or skyscraper – needless to say this thing is sturdy!  I didn’t want to worry about it falling down if the whole family was up in it.”

Also check out Kevin’s brag post here.






Simple Panel Bed (All Mattress Sizes) – No Pocket Holes

A bed is the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom.  Beds increase the comfort and functionality of a room, and add beauty and ground the room.

But bed can be expensive – hundreds if not thousands for a nice, not particle board, real wood bed.  And if you add in box springs, and multiply that by four beds in a home – it’s easy to see why many rooms just have mattresses on the floor.


Build Your Own Bed and Save

Have you considered building your own beds?  My first project was a bed, and I highly recommend beds as a beginner project.  You don’t have to have perfect joints (like a tabletop) or deal with bulky plywood (for most storage projects)

And there’s a big payoff for a small investment.  Most of our DIY bed frames cost between $100 and $200 to build – INCLUDING the box spring built right in!  That’s right – for about the cost of the box spring, you can build the entire bed!


Beginner Friendly Bed Frame Plans

I’ve built ALOT of beds – loft beds, canopy beds, bunk beds, farmhouse beds – but in this plan, I wanted to create a VERY beginner friendly plan, with still a beautiful end result.

So only requiring two basic power tools (that everyone should own) – a drill and a saw – you can build this beautiful panel bed!

diy bed frame

We love the solid wood texture.  We love the sturdiness and proportions.  It’s a beautiful bed that transformed this room!


Full Room Tour

This diy panel bed was the star of one of our Airbnb room makeover videos.  You can see the bed build and the entire room makeover in this video.

Most everything in this room is DIY!  We’ll be adding all the plans for your use. 


Simple Panel Bed Frame Plans

You’ll find the queen sized plans for the Simple Panel bed below. 

We also have the following size modifications:

When using the size modifications, follow the steps for the queen, but use the shopping list and cut list for the different sizes.

Farmhouse King Bed Plans

The very first real project that I ever tackled all by myself was this EXACT Farmhouse Bed in King size.

farmhouse bed grey paint

I remember being stunned at how well the project turned out.  And here we are, over a decade later, and it’s still just as beautiful, just as sturdy, and I’m just as stunned.

The farmhouse beds have been built thousands of times and is a reader favorite.


What Wood Do You Use

We use standard off the shelf lumber to build – just framing lumber and common boards.  You can of course build with any type of wood, just make sure your material dimensions match dimensional lumber sizes (for example a 2×4 is actually 1-1/2″ x 3-1/2″).


Matching Nightstands

This bed is quite substantial and deserves matching nightstands.  I have put together nightstand plans that are designed to match – so you can get a full bedroom furniture set!

matching farmhouse nightstands


Updated Farmhouse King Bed Plans

We have updated these plans to be easier to build and not require pocket holes.  You can still access the old plans here.

If you need a different sized farmhouse bed, check out all our farmhouse bed plans here.