Extra Wide Console Bookcase

I love bookcases.  They are the perfect solution for storing all the things.  

Last week we tackled a closet room divider that totally transformed an awkward attic room that my almost teen daughter Grace is claiming for her room.

The wall just was begging for an extra wide dresser with a mirror on top.

But then remembered having a dresser when I was a growing up.  The dresser was not user friendly for me as a teen – clothes on the bottom stayed on the bottom, or clothes on the top never stayed folded.  Dressers are great – but maybe not for kids.  I perfer open shelving – more like a bokshelf.

So I decided to build a bookshelf in the size of a dresser.  So the top height is about tabletop height, and nice and wide.  But open shelving, so we can organize all her things into bins and baskets.

We came up with this! 

It’s perfect! It’s just the right height for setting things on top.  The open storage is beautiful and practical. It’s extra wide – like a console or a dresser – so there’s plenty of surface area on top.  And plenty of shelving below.  

We spent about $40 building it – mostly because we had scrap wood leftover from the closet room divider – but if you were to buy all new, it would be about $80.

We walk you through how we built the extra wide console bookcase in this video

And the free plans are below.

Please share a brag post when you are done, or tag me #anawhite on Instagram – we are so thankful to see your projects!




Room Divider Closet

Do you have a large bedroom that needs a closet?  But don’t want a permanent wall?  

Our oldest daughter recently claimed the attic bonus room for her bedroom.  But there is no closet, and the ceilings are slanted, limiting the closet options.  The room is plenty big though – and I kept thinking – there’s ample space … I just had to come up with the right solution.  After racking my brain, it finally came to me! 

We need a room divider closet, a semi permanent thing that is pretty on one side, and messy closet on the other.  

After about $150 in materials we came up with this –


It turned out really great, and we love how accessible the closet is, but you can’t see the mess.  It’s such a great addition to the awkward space. 

We are excited to share with you how we built it.  Here’s the basic steps (and the plans are below, just scroll down)

We ripped plywood into strips and built two closet towers – 

And then we screwed 2x4s between the towers –

Then we nailed paneling to the back edges of the closet towers and the 2x4s –

Then we painted …

And added some trim …

Looks pretty!  It will be a great accent wall or spot for a bookshelf or dresser or desk.

But what we love the most is the closet on the back side!  It is so easy to walk in and find clothes, but hidden so you don’t have to keep your closet perfectly tidy all the time.

If you are up for building, do watch the video – there’s lots more details –

And the plans are below.  I made the plans exactly as you see in the photos, but of course, you should modify to fit your needs and space.