DIY Greenhouse

Building your own greenhouse is something you can tackle and save a ton.  We built this greenhouse about six years ago, and it still looks brand new and is as sturdy as ever.  We are happy to share our plans with you – see below.

Here’s some photos of the build –


Near completion of the framing stage. We used 12′ long pieces of corrugated metal roofing for the side walls.

We ran the corrugated roofing horizontal.  This was very easy to install and we have had zero issues with this design.

We also trimmed the corners out with metal flashing to make everything look nice and finished.

The greenhouse plastic wrapped right over the corrugated metal – like it was meant to be!


The only part that was slightly tricky was the ends – but really no big deal to add the greenhouse plastic panels.


Our DIY greenhouse turned out great and we are so excited to share the plans with you.




Please post a pic or share if you build!