Easy Upholstered Bed – Queen, Full and Twin Sizes

This upholstered bed is easy to make, and you can customize with fabric and legs of your choice!  Whe choose a fluffy fur for my tween’s room – but the options are endless!

Here’s how we built it – (there’s also step by step plans, just scroll all the way down)

We used 2x4s to make a frame the size of the mattress, just screwing together at the corners.

Then we screwed on store bought hairpin legs. I got mine off Amazon.  They are 8″ tall.

Pretty simple so far!  

Then we cut 1×8 boards as shown in the cut list below, and stapled the fabric over it.

Now to attach to the bed frame –

We just held the sideboards covered in fabric on the 2×4 frame and screwed from the inside. Then we repeated steps for the foorboard and headboard.

Finally for the slats – we just set on top of the 2x4s and screwed down.

We also share how we built this bed in a video tutorial for your convenience-

And the plans with diagrams are below.

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Plan Notes

  • The fur fabric was easy to work with because it hides all the seams and is thick, so batting was not necessary (although I do recommend it)
  • If you use thinner fabric, you must use batting underneath.
  • We used 3 yards of 60″ wide fur but I had to splice the fur together on the siderails.  If I had to do it again, I’d probably buy 5 yards of fabric.
  • Make sure you use self tapping wood screws OR predrill all screw holes
  • Our staples were 3/8″ long and this was plenty good


Hidden Door Knee Wall

Sloped ceilings add so much charm and character to a home.  But they can make a room awkward and challenging to use.  We recently took our attic room sloped ceilings that looked like this –

And built knee walls out of 2x4s and plywood

But since I wanted the space behind the knee wall to be accessible for storage, we created hidden doors in the knee wall.

The entire knee wall is actually hidden doors – so the area behind is completely accessible.

You could take this project a step further and add closet rods and shelving to create a built in closet.  We’ll be using the knee wall storage for totes and off season things.

This was a fairly easy project – but time consuming since the walls are each sixteen feet long – that my husband and I tackled over the course of a few days, working a few hours each day on it. We are confident that the average homeowner could tackle this project.  Here’s how we built our knee walls with hidden storage –

First we chalked lines on the ceiling and the floor where the wall is going.  Since the ceiling and floor may be out of square, we used a level and plumb bob to figure out exactly where these lines are.  

We choose a height that was slightly less than 48″ as plywood is 48″ wide – this will help us use the plywood up in the most efficient way (plywood is 48″ wide)

On the floor, we screwed a 2×4 and brought our flooring all the way up to the 2×4.

NOTE: You may also need to screw a 1×4 to the ceiling if you cannot just screw into the ceiling.  If this is the case, make sure the front edge of the 1×4 does not where the front of the wall will be under the chalked line on the ceiling (you’ll hold it back from the chalked line).

On the 2×4 on the floor, we marked out for the vertical studs.  We choose 32″ spacing since this works out well for a 96″ long piece of plywood (you can get exactly three 32″ panels from a 96″ piece of plywood)


From there we measured and cut each 2×4 to fit.  The ceiling sloped from end to end so each stud had to be custom cut.  We knew our roof pitch so we just set our miter saw to make this cut.  You can use an angle finder to find your roof pitch, or make a pattern and translate that to your miter saw.

We then pocket holed the bottom of the studs to the 2×4 on the floor.  You can also use wood screws at an angle.

We screwed the top of the 2x4s right into our ceiling since we have a SIPS ceiling (OSB everywhere).

Then we found the shortest stud, and marked it down 3-1/2″ from the top edge of the 2×4 stud. 

We then measured the space in between – it ended up being right at 44 inches.

So then we marked the stud on the other end up 44″ inches, and chalked a line in between.

Then we screwed 2x4s so the bottom edge of the 2×4 is on the chalked line.

Also note we added a 2×2 to the bottom to cover the gap between the flooring and the wall.

There is a gap on top of the wall framing that we need to fix too.

We finished this gap off with a piece of trim.

For the doors, we purchased euro style overlay hinges for FRAMELESS cabinets.  We figured the size of our doors exactly, leaving 1/4″ in between the doors – for our 32″ spacing of studs, this meant our doors were 31-3/4″ wide x 43-1/2″ tall.

We cut our doors on a table saw and installed the hinges and hung the doors in the framing.

To disguise the door spacing and provide a handle, we nailed 1×3 boads to the opening edge of the plywood door.

This is what it looks like before paint –

And after paint – We used about a gallon on 32 feet of walls, four feet tall.

We love how this project turned out and know it will greatly improve the function and look of the room.

We also shared in video format this entire build

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2×4 Outdoor Coffee Table

My 2×4 outdoor sofa (plans here) and the one arm sectional piece (plans here) have been holding up well!  I did apply one coat of penetrating transulcent exterior siding and decking stain to it in a brown tone, and it really made the wood beautiful!  This is such a gorgeous and comfortable piece!

But I found as we were relaxing and using the sectional, we really needed somewhere to put drinks and snacks, somewhere to put our feet up.  We needed a coffee table to match.

So designed a coffee table to match the 2×4 sofa and sectional styling, again using all 2x4s. Again, only a drill and a saw needed – no Kreg Jig required.  Now I love my Kreg Jig to pieces.  It is an amazing tool and I believe everyone should have one.  But I like to do projects too that don’t require a Kreg Jig for people just getting into woodworking, and not ready to invest in all the tools just yet.  If you have a Kreg Jig, you can certainly use it on this project to hide screws as well.

It took me about two hours, counting prestaining the previous day, to build this coffee table.

And under $20 in materials!  

It is all kinds of gorgeousness.  2×4 what?!?!

It is a very substantial coffee table, solid and heavy.  The wind isn’t going to blow it away.  

So, you ready to build?   The plans are below.

Also, here’s the plans for the matching sectional pieces:


Photo Frame Chess Board

For the chess (and checkers) players out there – here’s an inexpensive way to hide your chess game in plain sight!

A few weeks back, we DIYed the industrial bookshelf – for just $30 a piece!  We are loving how they turned out and they are still looking good!  

I wanted to add a chess game set to the open bookshelves, but in a way where the chess set is hidden and blends right in.

Can you see the chess set?  It’s right there – smack in the middle of the picture.

To be fair, you can’t see it.  It’s actually on the back of the photo frame.  And the chess pieces are in the white vase. Just flip the frame over and dump the pieces out –

And you are ready to play!

Here’s why I love this Photo Frame Chess Board so much

  • It’s a beautiful, simple frame on the shelf – you could spend $20 on a wood frame this size easily
  • The chess game is so accessible, you don’t need to reach into a cabinet and pull out an ugly cardboard box and open it up 
  • It’s so easy to put way – just dump the pieces into the base and place the frame back on the shelf
  • I built it from scrap wood for free in about 15 minutes.  It’s such an easy DIY project
  • And of course, it’s just fun to suprise people with our hidden chess set!

This chess set would make a great gift too!  

We built this photo frame chess board in this video – do watch if you are planning on building, there’s lots of tips and tricks in it


And the free plans are below.  


Please share if you build – you can tag me on Instagram #anawhite or share a brag post or post to our facebook page.  Thanks so much, we appreciate you! Ana