Cake Pops Stand

Cake pops are a thing because they are so fun and cute and yummy!  But you do need a stand to serve them and decorate them.  So why not make one yourself out of wood?

In our final Handbuilt Holiday post of 2018, Jaime Costiglio and I are sharing this cake pop stand tutorial.

This year’s Handbuilt Holiday series was perhaps my favorite ever.  The projects were all so fun, and most were pretty simple and cost effective.  If you do build, please share, we love seeing your completed projects!

Since there’s just a few days left until Christmas morning – and we do hope you spend some of that time enjoying the season! – Jaime and I kept the final project as simple as possible.  You’ll just need some scrap wood 1×3 and 1x8s and the plans below to build the stand.

Wood Cake Pops

Want to make this project a beloved toy?  Jaime is sharing the tutorial on how she made wood cake pops – so your littles can pretend play with them!  

Head on over to for lots more photos and build tips and the wood cake pop tutorial.

Happiest Holidays to you and yours!











Modern Wooden House Shelf

This modern wooden house shelf is beautiful and functional!  You’ll just need two 1×8 boards and some screws to build yourself and save.  The free plans are shared below.

Featuring two large rooms, two small rooms, and a side porch perfect for books, this modern wooden house shelf is stores it all in the most charming way.  It’s inspired by Crate and Kid’s Shelf – but you can build it for way less!

As part of the annual series that Jaime Costilgio and I put on each year – Handbuilt Holiday

We are giving you this new gift plan today!

Need a different gift idea?  Jaime Costiglio and I have been doing the Handbuilt Holiday series and have shared dozens of gift plans here. 

Are you ready to build this shelf?  The free plans are below.

But first, head on over to Jaime for lots more photos and build details.  


Happy Holidays!





Cubby Organizer with Hooks

Does your entryway need a little organization and storage?  Here’s a orgnaizer with lots of storage, but little accessories like sunglasses, hats, or mittens are easy to find.  

I built this little cubby organizer in our latest video

And am sharing the free plans with you below.  

If you build, make sure you post a photo – we love seeing your completed projects!

Enjoy, Ana


Street Hockey Goal – Lacrosse, Soccer, Multi-sport Goal

Here’s a great gift idea that will get the kids moving and outside!

Build them a lacrosse, street hockey or soccer goal!!!

You can use this goal indoors or out, you can even stain it up and make it “farmhousey” and feature it in your rec room or basement.  It’s much less expensive than buying a real goal, and more substantial than a plastic one – so won’t get blown away in the wind or knocked over by a hard shot.

This street hockey goal was built by Jaime Costiglio for Handbuilt Holiday

If you are new here, Handbuilt Holiday is a series that Jaime Costiglio and I have put on for five years in a row where we share new, free gift plans every Friday in the weeks leading up to Christmas.  There are hundreds of amazing plans that you can grab for free right here.

Please head on over to for the build post – with lots more pictures and details on the accessories and net.

Then grab the free plans below and build!

Enjoy! Ana







Simple Bench with Hidden Boot Storage

Boot storage is always tricky.  Boots can take up alot of space, and often need to be laid flat or upside down to protect the leather uppers.

For our hall, we needed some extra shoe storage – but since the space is in the hall, I wanted the storage to blend, and look more like a basic bench than a workhorse storage piece.  

So I designed and we built this simple looking bench.  But of course, there’s more!

The front apron is really a drawer face, and inside, you can store up to four pairs of full size boots!  You can also use the drawer for storing shoes, scarves, gloves – you name it!  Or you can use the project as a coffee table and store remote controls, magazines and board games (of course without the slatted drawer bottom).  

We loved this project so much we even devoted a video to making it –

Since we know you’ll be wanting to build it to, the free plans are below.  

Please share a finished photo when you are done – we love seeing your projects!

XO Ana