18" Doll Beverage Stand – for American Girl or My Life Dolls

Do you have an Amercian Girl fan on your Christmas list this year?

American Girl or My Life Doll Accessories can be so expensive!  But not if you DIY!

This adorable beverage stand is easy to make with a few standard woodworking tools – and you can make it from small scrap wood pieces!  No scraps?  This beverage stand will cost about $10 in new materials!

This project is part of Jamie Costglio and I’s Handbuilt Holiday Series

Where we give you a new, free gift plan every Friday in the weeks leading up to Christmas.  We’ve got hundreds of plans built up in our Handbuilt Holiday catalog, so do make sure to look through for more project plan ideas!


Ready to build this American Girl sized beverage stand?  Here’s what to do –

Head on over to Jaime Costiglio.com for the build post – with all the details on how Jaime Costiglio DIYed all the accessories!  Because the accessories are the fun part!

And then come back here for the free plans below.

Happy Holidays!









Holiday 2018 Ryobi Tool Deals and DIYs

This post is NOT sponsored – but I do work with and use Ryobi Tools (and have for many years)


The Holidays are the absolute best time to tool up!  You can find amazing prices, whether you are giving the gift of building to someone, or adding to your own workshop.

I have been using Ryobi Tools for many years now, the same drill just keeps going and going.  I love that over 125 Ryobi tools share the same battery – since batteries can be the more expensive part of a tool purchase.  You can get away with just a handful of batteries to power an entire workshop of tools!  Less batteries, more tools!


Here’s what I’m loving about Ryobi Tool Promotions this Holiday season –

Get Started Kit – Two Free Ryobi One+ Tools or Batteries

This is an amazing deal!  It is a huge time saver to have two drills – load one with a drilling bit and the second with a driving bit – so you don’t have to switch bits constantly.  A circular saw is a must have.  Then you get to pick two more free tools!  I’m loving them all, but if I had to choose, it would be extra batteries, the jigsaw, the router, the vacuum, the job plus, or the sander (for woodworking focus).  But there’s lots more to choose from! Shop the two tool promotion here.




Already Have a Drill Kit – One Free Ryobi One+ Tool or Battery

If you already have a drill, here’s the perfect time to double up!  And get a free bonus tool.   So much to choose from!  My picks are circular saw, jigsaw, handheld router, recirprocating saw, battery port charger, vacuum, sanders, or go for another battery!  Click here to shop the one free tool promotion. 



Need the Nailer Kit

If you need the Airstrike Brad Nailer, here’s the best deal!  You get a drill, two batteries and a charger with the nailer!  Click here to shop Brad Nailer promotion.



All the Savings

If you are looking for a specific tool, Ryobi has amazing deal on just about everything!  Click here to shop all the promotions.


All The Projects

And if you are looking for a holiday DIY project to make your home more festive, check out all of these free DIY project plans!  Can you spy the ones that I contributed? Click here for Holiday DIY projects from Ryobi Nation.


Happiest Holidays!



Mountain Wall Hooks

Add a rustic and functional touch to a room with these mountain range wall pegs!  All you’ll need is a small piece of scrap wood and dowels or hooks to create this easy DIY project!

As part of Jaime Costiglio and I’s annual Handbuilt Holiday series –

Where we bring you a new free gift plan every Friday in the weeks leading up to Christmas, we are so excited to share with you this brand new DIY project!

It’s fun, it’s fast, it’s easy, it’s inexpensive!  

Check out Jaime Costiglio’s Build Post – with lots more photos and building tips right here!

Ready to build it? The free plans inspired by Crate and Kids Mountain Range Hooks are below. 

Enjoy! Ana







Leaning Vanity or Dropzone

Add a mirror and shelving to even the smallest space, without putting any holes in  your wall!  This easy to build leaning mirror shelf packs alot of function into a small footprint.  It’s perfect for tight entryway, bathroom, closet, or bedroom – anywhere you need a mirror and some storage.  We love it as a teen gift idea or a small entryway dropzone!

This project was built by Jaime Costiglio for our Handbuilt Holiday Series – where we give you a new, free gift plan every Friday in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Jaime Costiglio and I have been at it for several years now and have created quite the catalog of plans!  You can see all of our previous Handbuilt Holiday plans here.


Jaime built this project for you and shared her build post here.  You can see LOTS more photos and building tips and details here.

The free plans follow. Enjoy! Ana








Entryway Cabinet with Hooks

Entryway organization is essential for any busy family.  Getting out of the house needs to be streamlined and efficient – returning home needs to be welcoming and easy.  Having the right entryway cabinet is a must.

We just finished up our big entryway cabinet built-in and man on man has it changed our life!

A few weeks ago, our entryway looked like this. 

Three sheets of plywood and some 1xs and hardware later  …

And our entryway has transformed into this!

This one cabinet has cleaned up our entire basement.  And now when we come home, I feel happy and organized – not overwhelmed and embarassed. 

There’s somewhere for everything to go, and the necessities are easily accessible.  Even if you are four years old.

We are so thankful to have this entryway cabinet – it saves us so much time, space, and my sanity.  I know you are going to love this project too, and am excited to share the plans with you.

We built the drawer bench last week, you can grab those plans here.

And the entryway cabinet plans are below.




PS – You can watch us build these projects in the following videos –


PS – If you are customizing for your own space, here’s a few dimensions I thought you might find helpful –