Guest Room Reveal

Our guest room is finally done, and we are so excited to share with you the completed space and all the projects!

We spent about $600 furnishing this room, including a farmhouse bed, large wood nightstands, a convertible twin sleeper chair, a mini kitchenette, a hidden closet, and more! 

If we’d bought all this – we’d be in the thousands – the bed alone would double our budget!

The snack cabinet holds a mini fridge and a microwave, perfect for a snack or taking care of littles.

And of course, a self service coffee bar  – all these projects are DIY and I’ll link to the plans below.

Every guest room needs a side chair.  But what if the chair was also a bed?  We designed and built this twin sleeper chair to do just that.

There’s also a hidden closet!

It’s always there – you just can’t see it when you don’t need it.  But when you do, there’s over three feet of closet rod storage, and hooks too!

And just in case our guests need extra shelving for folded clothes like pants or sweathers –

The clip board folds down into a shelf!

$600 for all this!

We go through all the projects in this video

And here’s all the plans so you can build it yourself!

Enjoy the plans! Please share if you build – you can add a brag post or just tag me #anawhite on social media – we love seeing your projects!

Thanks, Ana


Basketball Hoop Trash Can

Are you looking for a great gift for a basketball or sports enthusiast?  But want something unique, inexpensive AND handcrafted?  

This basketball hoop wastebasket might just be a slam dunk!  It’s just a few boards – scraps you probably have on hand, so won’t cost a much – but unique and fun and useful!

It’s built using a standard five gallon waste basket that you can buy for about eight dollars.

This project is part of Jaime Costiglio and I’s annual Handbuilt Holiday series

Where we give you a new, free gift plan in the Fridays leading up to Christmas.  It’s the season of giving and building!

To see lots more photos and Jaime’s build post tutorial click here.

And then grab the free plans below! Enjoy!









Floating Shelf Hidden Closet

This is our guest room closet –

You can’t see it when you don’t need it, and it takes up no more space than a narrow wall shelf.

But when you need a closet, it’s right there!

Under the white floating shelf that blends in the wall is three feet of hanging closet storage – and a few hooks too!  

It’s perfect for a guest room, airbnb rental, mudroom, capsule wardrobe, nursery wardrobe, laundry room or a vacation home.  Anywhere you don’t permanetly store clothes, this is a simple but effective solution!

It’s very easy to make – check out this video-

And the full project video –

Do you have a spot for it?  The plans are right below. 

Please do share if you build, we love seeing your finished projects!




Cup Tree

Want to add rustic wood accents to your kitchen?  Here’s a simple, beautiful and inexpensive way –

This farmhouse style cup tree holds four mugs and is a beautiful addition to the kitchen.  Made with just scrap wood and robe hooks, it’s a quick and easy DIY project.  This cup tree would make a perfect Christmas gift or item for sale at a craft fair.  

We built this cup tree for our Guest Room coffee bar area.  It’s inspired by a DIY mug tree from Shanty2Chic – but since I changed up the design and materials, thought I’d share my take on it.

And if you love the Keurig Coffee Pod drawer – that’s DIY too! – and you can find those plans here.

This coffee bar set was featured in our video on the guest room small projects

Do watch as us put it together. Then build it with the free plans following.




Wood Crate Keurig K Cup Holder Drawer

This beautiful Keurig storage drawer is an easy DIY project that you can make with basic woodworking tools.

Inspired by a rustic crate, this simple DIY project can be made from scrap wood – or if this is your first project, for about $20 in materials.

It’s designed without drawer slides or bulky wood extras – the coffee pod drawers simply slide on the space between the crate slats.

It’s a gorgeous piece, that would bring a rustic real wood element to the home.  BONUS: The Mug tree is also DIY inspired by Shanty2Chic’s Mug Tree.  

Here’s how I built it:

I cut 1×2 boards (about $1.50 for 8 feet) as noted in cut list below.  I then stapled to the “legs” with my battery operated stapler.

I then stapled the back boards to the two sides.  Notice I am prestaining the boards – this is because it’s hard to reach in between the slats to stain after the fact.

Then I just added the plywood top, stapling to the legs.  That’s it for the crate part!

The drawer part is simply 1/4″ thick plywood with a 1×2 stapled to the front underside that acts as the drawer face.  I just drilled out holes with a hole saw bit for the K-Pods.

Then I added the handles at the front.  

We built this Keurig storage drawer for our Guest Room.  You can see more of it in this video

And you can build it yourself with the free plans following.