Rustic Farmhouse Double Bath Vanity with AngelaRoseDIYHome

Are you looking for a beautiful bath vanity for your farmhouse style home?  Have you thought about building one?

This beautiful bath vanity is DIY!

I had the great honor of getting to work with Angela Rose – DIY Home to make the plans available for everyone!

If you love this bath vanity, the plans are available right now here.




Outdoor Planter Steps or Benches

We’ve been busy finishing up our landscaping for our home.  It’s been a big project!

We stepped our front yard down, as it’s on a steep hillside, and used the material that was there to grow the yard size.  But this left us with a retaining wall that needed steps.

I had planned to build steps out of the retaining wall blocks, but in Alaska, we couldn’t source the blocks needed for steps.  So we decided to create wood steps.

I came up with these!  The steps are sturdy and “float” on the lawn (or soon to be lawn) – so we don’t have to worry about seasonal elevation changes.

And I love the planters on the ends – kind of makes the steps feel more permanent and substantial than just steps would have.

After we built them, I realized how many other uses these planter steps could fullfill … firepit benches, tiny house steps, food truck steps … they are beautiful on all four sides, so could be a very versatile project!

These planter steps were the star of this video –

And with quite a few of you asking, I’m glad to be able to get you plans today!

Enjoy the free plans following.

XO Ana