Matty interview with Makerview

Check out Matt Micucci‘s (aka Matty) interview with Makerview on why he makes stuff, being a woodworker, and working at shops like the Offerman Woodshop and Would Works. He gives some advice for those who want to get into furniture making that’s worth a gander!


Small Ladder Bookshelf

This sturdy ladder bookshelf is easy to build and costs about $25 in wood – or if you have scraps, might even be free.

The tiered shelves are perfect for storing different sized items.  I love the enclosed bins that keep your things inside the shelf.  This small ladder bookshelf could be used throughout the home – from the craft room, to the entryway, or even in the kitchen to hold produce.

We are currently using the ladder bookshelf as a nightstand for our children’s books in our main bedroom.  I love that it is so functional, but still looks great – even in a decorated bedroom.

We are excited to share with you the plans below.  We go through all the build steps in this video

Do watch for little tips and tricks.

Also, we are here to help you build this bed!  Click here for Modern Farmhouse Bed Plans.

Please share, brag, post photos if you build – we can’t wait to see how your project turns out too!

XO Ana

Introducing Spruc'd

Hi folks!  We’ve got some exciting news today!  For the past year – yes, I’ve been keeping this under wraps for a year! –  I’ve been working hard with my good friend and fellow maker, Jen Woodhouse on an exciting new project. We are thrilled to finally get to share it all with you today!

We are launching a brand new website Spruc*d –

Spruc’d is the first of it’s kind – a marketplace just for premium furntiure plans. Spruc’d is a new and exciting platform that connects creative designers with thoughtful consumers – where the best creators can turn their project plans into opportunity and discerning customer can discover only the best, most reliable plans that will set them up for project success.



Builders are asking for better plans, custom plans, complicated plans, plans with support – but plan designers can’t always meet these needs on dwindling advertising revenues.  A platform for premium plans will give builders more and better options.



Are you a maker, builder, woodworker, designer?  We want to work with you! We value your time and design talent, and want to see your work recreated around the world – but in a way that helps you make passive income for life.  You can learn more about being a vendor here.

And if you need help creating a plan, for a limited time, we’ll help you for free!  You can learn more about free plan design services here.



The great majority of my plans will always be free on  But there are cases where I can’t justify the huge amount of time needed to create a complicated plan – especially when that plan only benefits a handful of people – so there ends up being no plan at all.  Offering a premium plan will enable me to put time into more complicated plans, even if I know the audience is smaller.  Spruc’d is here to supplement what I already do.


Head on over to Spruc’d and let us know what you think!


XO Ana