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Woodworking Tutorial on Making a Modern File Cabinet

I’m working on building my dream office here at Make Something HQ, and this tutorial is the latest installment in that series. The two walnut file cabinets I’m making in this video are going to serve as the base for my desk, but the plans also allow them to be built as free-standing units.

This how-to walks you through every step of the build using basic woodworking tools, from cutting the carcass to specs to putting the file folder slip-ons in place. I’ll be using walnut plywood for the top, sides and drawers, as well as creating a bottom footer with a router profile. Because you want your drawers to slide with maximum precision, I’ll also show you how to use a universal drawer slider jig.

Along the way, I’ll give you a quick glimpse into my shellacking process, so you can get just the right finish for your filing cabinets. Plus (spoiler alert) I’ll even show you how to work through a minor woodworking mistake. Whether you’re planning to use hanging filing folder cabinets as the base for an awesome dream office desk or just create a place to put all those papers that are piled up all over your floor, this is the tutorial that can get you started.


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Tools and Supplies Used in the Woodworking Project


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