Stocking Name Tags

Personalized stockings can be so expensive.  And you have to special order – so adding another stocking or changing a name is a big expensive deal with lead time.

Why not make your own stocking name tags?  I made a set for my family and it only took about 20 minutes and cost about $1 a tag

stocking name tags

For about $5 I was able to personalize our family’s Christmas stockings, and the stocking name tags are so beautiful!  

Stocking Stand Plans

You can build the stocking stand too!  The plans are coming out this Sunday, so look out for that! I will update with a link when the plans are live.  Go enjoy your Thanksgiving!

stocking stand

Stocking Name Tags Tutorial

You can make your own stocking name tags for personalized Christmas stockings too!  Here’s how –

Portable Workbench “Woodshop in a Box”

Portable Workbench Features

  • Sturdy workbench sized to accommodate small to medium sized projects.  Can be paired with a second portable workbench to tackle almost any sized project.
  • Easily folds down to a compact size
  • Flips over for storage
  • Portable – can be easily transported – and it carries all the tools!
  • Fits on most standard 24″ garage shelving
  • Fits under most standard height beds (less than 7″ tall)
  • Just enough storage for all essential DIY project tools
  • Quick and easy to build
  • About $40 in materials

I’ve been wanting to build a “loaner” workbench with all the tools for a bit, and just hadn’t come up with the right design. We were putting the bean bag toss games away this fall and it hit me.  Why not build a workbench like the bean bag toss game, with fold out legs?  And what if we could use the space to hold and store the tools?

Folded flat, it is just big enough to hold all the essential tools for most DIY projects.  It can be carried (although most likely a two person task) outside on a balcony, put in the car, or up or down stairs.

portable workbench folded flat

Its compact enough to fit under most beds –

portable workbench storage

Pull the tools out and flip it over, and it becomes a great workbench.

portable workbench folded out

It is VERY sturdy and with the 2x legs, will hold up for a long time.

There are not hinges – the legs simply rotate on a bolt and hold in place at an angle.

Video Tutorial

This project is very quick and easy to build.  We filmed the process so you can watch and see!

What Tools do I Need?

For this project, you only need a drill and a saw (and some hand tools like tape measure and safety glasses).  You can build alot of projects with just these tools.  But I wanted to give you the essential list, the basics that you can use to build almost any project out there.

  • Cordless Drill
  • Circular Saw (recommend the 5-1/2″ diameter blade size)
  • 18 Gauge Brad Nailer
  • Random Orbital Sander
  • Tape Measure
  • Speed Square
  • Safety Glasses
  • Speed Square
  • Pencil

Pretend Play Market with Roll-Out Check Stand

Do your kids LOVE to pretend play?

Here’s a project that looks beautiful, takes up little space, and converts to whatever your child can dream up.

We love it as a pretend play market – with a roll-out checkstand!

Because every market needs a check stand!

The checkstand also flips for storage, you can use it either way.

This pretend play market is suitable for smaller children, with the height of the checkstand at 21″ – but you could easily modify the plans for a taller checkstand for older children.  I know my 9-year-old would love this pretend play market!

I’m sharing the free plans below, be sure to check them out (if this is the homepage, you’ll have to click READ MORE below).

For lots more photos and build details, visit That’s My Letter.


Toy Makeup Set

play vanity folded up  play vanity flipped open

Toy Makeup Set Features

  • Solid wood design is biodegradable and eco friendly

  • Easy to build with basic tools

  • Inexpensive and can be built with scrap wood

  • Features large storage compartment with plenty of room for accessories

  • Fold out palettes

  • Built in mirror

  • Carrying handle holds up the fold open top at just the right angle

  • Easy to customize – we’d love to see a monogram on the outside!

Make the Pretend Makeup Too!

You can make the pretend makeup using scrap wood too!

wood toy makeup kit

Lipstick, perfume, nail polish out of scrap wood?  Of course!  Jaime Costiglio has the details here.

More Photos and Build Post

This play vanity was built and photographed by Jaime Costiglio for Handbuilt Holiday 2019 – our annual holiday series where we give you a new gift plan every Friday in the 12 weeks leading up to Christmas.  


Modern Play Table with Storage

Modern Kids Play Table Features

  • Large play surface
  • Two storage areas for supplies
  • Perfect for Legos, Arts and Crafts, Puzzles, and more
  • Slot for optional paper roll
  • Easy to build design
  • Perfect sized for preschool/elementary aged children
  • Legs can be easily removed and lengthened to increase height as children grow
  • About $50 to build

I build this play table for my daughter when she was six.  She loved it and used it as a coloring table for many years at our cabin.

It has held up well (apart from kids coloring on the top) and has been used as a fort frame, and there’s definitely been a kid or two standing and jumping off it.  In other words – it’s been well used and still going.

Reader Play Tables from this Plan

There has been quite a few amazing brags built from this plan!  Here are a few –

Lego Table with dividers and mat by KelseyT15 (above)

Art Play Table with paper roll – the stained top is really smart (white shows everything).

Work of Art Play Table by Handmade with Ashley

Video of Steps

Here’s a quick video of the steps to build this play table

Modern Kids Play Table Plans

Farmhouse Console Table

We’ve taken one of our most popular plans, the Rustic X Console, and made it beginner friendly!

How is the Farmhouse Console Table different than the Rustic X?

  • Faster and easier to build – just screw together.  No pocket holes required.
  • A little less expensive to build since no 1x12s are used
  • Very easy to modify the size
  • Slatted shelves
  • Will have exposed screw holes (Rustic X uses pocket holes so all screw holes are hidden)
  • Will be slightly heavier overall (both are solid wood so quite heavy)

Video of Matching Coffee Table Build

To see how this console table is put together, please watch our video on the matching Farmhouse Coffee Table.  The construction techniques are the same.  This video is especially helpful for cutting the X on the end.

The plans for the matching Farmhouse Coffee Table are here.

Farmhouse Console Table Plans

The plans for the farmhouse console table follow.