In Drawer Knife Block

I’m on a mission to have as little as possible on my kitchen countertops.  It’s so much easier to clean a kitchen when you don’t have to move things out of the way to wipe down countertops, and I love the bare, clean look.  And who doesn’t want more countertop space to work with?

But what to do with the knives?  How do I get the knife block off the kitchen countertops?

Well, I added a drawer under our cooktop (that met clearances) and built this awkward looking thing (in about 10 minutes using scrap wood)

in drawer knife holder

And fit it inside a drawer,

diy in drawer knife holder

Since it’s super rare for me not to need a cutting board at the same time as a knife, I added the cutting boards to the other side of the drawer

in drawer knife block

This in drawer knife block has been the best thing ever! I’ve had zero regrets and am confident this is a great plan that will make your life better and easier.

In Drawer Knife Block Features

  • Fits almost any sized drawer (so makes a great gift too!)
  • Keeps knives secure in the drawer
  • Can be customized for more (or less) knives easily
  • Easy to build with basic tools and materials
  • About $20 for all new materials, use scrap wood to make it for free!

In Drawer Knife Block Video Tutorial

For the visual learners, we put together a quick video showing all the steps.

In Drawer Knife Holder Plans

Time to build it yourself! The free step by step plans are below.  Please send in a photo or let us know how you like this project.

in drawer knife block plans

All Rise: UK & Europe Dates

Heads up! Our dusty proprietor will be flexing his funny bone across the pond in April & May of 2020.

ALL RISE is booked for shows in the UK (Brighton, Sheffield, London, Nottingham) and EU (Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Iceland).

For tickets and venue info check out the events page.

Barn Door Bookcase

My mom’s birthday is this week and my daughter wanted to build her a piece of furniture for her home.  More than anything, she needs more storage and organization in her kitchen.  A while back we built my brother a barn door pantry, and it was such a functional and beautiful piece, we decided Mom needed something similar.

My mom is short (part of the reason storage is such a challenge in her kitchen), so we scaled the height down, and also the width, to fit her space. It’s narrow profile, so won’t be a huge thing to walk around or dominate the room.

Building the Barn Door Bookcase

I used 1x12s to build a bookshelf, and stained it Sunbleached by Varathane

bookshelf with gray stain

Then I used 1x4s to build a door, and hung it with barn door hardware –

barn door bookshelf

It took me about two days, working on it when I could, and cost under $200 for everything (including the barn door hardware)

barn door bookcase

We just can’t wait to bring it over to my Mom’s and see how she likes it!

barn door pantry

Barn Door Bookcase Uses

My mom is going to use it as a pantry.  We love how on one side you can store dishes and more attractive things, things you need to grab quickly and often, like plates, cups, cutting boards, your tools and fixed items.  Then on the other side, you can store all the ugly packaged goods – like cereal, canned goods, snack foods – everything you don’t want to see all the time.

But we love this cabinet throughout the house!

  • Bathroom – towels on one side, toiletries on the other
  • Entryway – add coat hooks on the open side, and store shoes on the closed side – or build two and hang a hook bar in between in a long hall
  • Living room – build two, one on each side of the tv!  Perfect for board games, controllers, and books.
  • Nursery – everything baby needs can fit inside!  Keep the diapers and wipes on one side, the collectible toys and outfits on the open side
  • Dining room – display beautiful dishes on the open side, hide board games and arts and craft supplies on the other
  • Office – keep your office neat but still functioning – decor on one side, everything else behind the door

Barn Door Bookcase Build Video

We filmed the build process, for those of you who are visual learners.

And of course, the plans are below.  I did change a few things in the plans to make it easier to build, happy to be the guinea pig for you guys!

Thanks for using my plans, please share a photo when you are done!