Pull Out Pot and Pan Organizer

Make cooking easier, make dishes easier, make life easier – build your own slide out pot and pan organizer!

Pull Out Pot and Pan Organizer

Just think … no more bending over and digging out your favorite pan … underneath all the other ones.

Pull Out Pot and Pan Organizer

You can add a lid organizers too, since that’s the other half of the battle.

Pull Out Pot and Pan Organizer

I wouldn’t say this is a beginner project, since drawer slides require some precision, but this is certainly not a hard or big project. 

Pull Out Pot and Pan Organizer Video Tutorial

If you want to build this sliding pot rack, make sure you check out the video tutorial below

Pull Out Pot and Pan Organizer Plans

Tower Based Master Closet System

Do you need more closet space?  In our first house, the master closet was only four feet wide.  So I gave the entire closet to my husband and built my own master closet system!

My oldest daughter (now a teenager!) was so proud!

We loved this closet so much, despite moving twice – still use it!  It is very sturdy and helped our family so much over the years.
I used 3/4″ plywood to build it, but you can also use Melamine Shelf boards to save time (no finish required or ripping on a table saw!).
I love that you can customize this closet to fit any space.
Thanks so much to everyone who has built it and shared a photo.